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cat constantly grooming kitten

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I introduced a kitten to my home about a week ago, and at first, my older female cat hated the kitten. Now, she won't leave her alone! She is constantly licking her, which I Know may be normal, she is being a seragate mommy. Lila, (the older older of the 2) continuously licks her behind, which is gross, and she won't leave her alone!Cleaning her is one thing, and to do it a few times a day maybe after she uses the litter box would seem kind of normal, but she just follows her around the housetrying to lick her. Now it is to the point where Jelly, my kitten, is starting to do it to Lila. We try to make them stop when it happens a lot, but Lila will wake her up to lick her, hide under the couch with her to lick her, try to lure her upstairs to lick her...etc. She won't leave Jelly alone! What should I do to stop this from being the obsessive? I don't leave the cats alone together when I am away because of this, and I don't want to continue to seperate them because of this. Please, any advise??
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Rosie did that with Sophie when she was a kitten, and they both still groom each other now.

Rosie didn't like Sophie either when i brought Sophie home but this is what they were like 2 weeks after......

And this is what their like today.....

I wouldn't worry because Rosie used to licked Sophies rear end as well and i remember someone telling me that it was the motherly instinct coming out of Rosie

How old is the kitten?
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Jelly is about 8 weeks old. I know Lila is trying to be a mommy figure, but is it ok for her to do it on a constant basis? Should I be worried? Should I keep them seperated while I am away?
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Maverick constantly grooms her kitten who is 5 weeks old. i wouldnt worry unless jelly is upset by it.

if you interfere you might upset their bonding.
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I wouldn't worry, because theres not a day goes by without them grooming each other, but someone more experienced in this will probably advise better?!.

Rosie and Sophie seem to love grooming each other, but Sophie only lets Rosie clean inside her ears for so long before she lets her know she's had enough!, but Rosie would lie there all day being groomed if she could
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