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Who here has fish??

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John and I have a 10g saltwater reef tank,which sometime over the summer, we are going to upgrade to a 75g.... There are some pictures on my website, here. http://www.hazyglade.com/reef.htm

I'd like to start a freshwater 10g for in my room but I don't really know THAT much about it since all I've known is having a reef. I've been reading up a lot and just wanted to ask all of you that have fish (salt or fresh) to post pictures, if you can, and tell me what all is in them and what filter, heater, powerhead, lights, etc you have. I don't know what fish to get and I don't know what are compatable. lol The forums I have found on freshwater aren't very helpful and don't have many people one so hopefully some of you can help me instead! I was looking into maybe some neon tetras and a betta. I definately need to have a hood with my lights since Finnegan has an obsession with water! He'd for sure have his paw in there batting around. Our reef tank he doesn't bother since theres no way for him to get up to it (not enough space on the stand for him to jump on) Once in awhile he'll stretch and look up at the clowns (Tito and no name as of yet <any ideas for the female???? we just got her not too long ago... lol> Ok I'll stop rambling and go to bed for now, so I'll talk to you all tomorrow!! Thanks in advance!
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I don't have fish, but your pictures are great!!
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I have a small fish tank.
I bought it on ebay....
its pretty small but im going to buy a new bigger one for the next house, its fresh water.

I didnt have to buy anything extra except for the heater because the filter and the light were already included.

its wise also to get a themomiter to see how warm/cold the water is.
I have 2 fish but i dont know what they are called and i have a orange algea eater.

I have pics in the teufel thread if you want to see.
If you want to know anything more just let me know

Oh yes and you need to buy those things thats liquid to clean out your tank for the cycle each time you clean it
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I have a 5g corner tank - looks pretty cool on the counter in my kitchen!! I have four Lemon Tetras, four Glo-light Tetras and two Bettas (I originally bought a divider for the tank, but I didn't like keeping the schoolers (tetras) separated, so one of the betta's is back in the little 1g container)

The bettas are almost NO maintenance - no heater, no filter, just change 50% once a week. They're incredibly hardy, just can't have more than one in a tank I get the feeling that's not what you're going for, though.

My 5g has a bio-wheel filter and a flourescent lamp, and NO HEATER! I've had a thermometer on it from day one, and it stays between 74-80 consistently without an additional heater. That may be because of its position, but hey, it helps! the tetras are really entertaining schoolers, and the betta is just very pretty.
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I've had a lot of fish tanks through the years. Currently I have a ten gallon set up in the living room with just Izzy the beta fish in it, however he is about to be joined by some kind of algea eater. I have a small heater, an undergravel filter in tank and that's it. I will say this though I normally don't like undergravel filters but Izzy kept playing in the other filter and getting his tail caught in the intake and it would tear it up so out that filter came and in went the UGF.

At my parent's house I had a 42 gallon hex with a pl*co in it. Algea that grows really big. I got him when he was less than an inch long and when he died he was around a foot long. They get big so be sure do to your research on what you buy. I also had some lemon tetras which I love, a small gourmai (a little blue and pink one), I tried neons for a while but I could never seem to keep them alive which is kind of strange I never had problems before but it's possible that someone else in the tank was killing them. I also had various other fish. I looked all over for glass cats (really cool fish that you can see their skelton through their skin). I had some when I was a kid but evidently they are out of style though cause I couldn't find any.

I don't remember the actual filter but it's a penguin of some kind that hung on the back of the tank which I liked because it was easy to change the filter. It also had a heater but other than that there isn't much equipment needed for a fresh water tank. Although I had plant lights in order to grow the live plants that I had in the tank. (They didn't do very well but that's because the pl*co kept eating them. I really loved that fish.) I'm debating about bringing this tank over to the apartment and setting it up as an Angel tank but we'll see. I live on the second floor and worry about stablity.
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Me! I just have a couple of goldies in a biOrb bowl

There's a topic down below somewhere....

Your fish tank/reef is so cool. If I had much more space then I would have a large tank and start with tropical fish. They are so pretty and really relaxing to watch
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I had a 50 gallon fresh water tank before I moved. I've also had several 20 gallons tanks before. I just bought a starter package from PetsMart and it had everything I need except the fish, gravel and decorations. When it came time to get the fish I went to a fish store near by to figure out what I liked. Then went back to PetsMart to get what I could there because they have a 30 day guarantee on their fish. If it dies you can bring back the dead fish and they will replace it. I know it's gross to return the dead one but I had a couple expensive fish. What I couldn't get from PetsMart I got from the fish store.
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we have just two small bowls with goldfish.. but marsh pays NO attention to them, like they're not there. he's much more interested in household plants or what's going on outside

here's out fishes
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wow those are goldfish??? they're beautiful! Thanks everyone about the reef. Ill be sure to post pictures when we upgrade! I got a filter today at a surplus store. its an aquatech deluxe 5-15 for 7.50! I love my Bickels lol (the store) now i just have to get ahold of our friend (he owns the local fish store) and get my tank. Hes selling me a 10 gallon for$5 and thinks he has a hood with lights and a heater which if he can find it will sell to me for another 5. He knows how broke i am and i want to buy this on my own since john pays for almost all of our reef stuff! (I wanna see the solar eclipse!!! lol our news is on talking about it and how we cant see it here) Im going to go look at fish sites and make sure ive made up my mind on fish.. so everyone write and ill check back!!!
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I had a 55 galloon saltwater tank for a couple of years. Boy I loved it, but I didn't have much luck with the fish. I've heard that reef tanks are difficult so you must know what you're doing!
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Originally Posted by RarePuss
we have just two small bowls with goldfish.. but marsh pays NO attention to them, like they're not there. he's much more interested in household plants or what's going on outside

here's out fishes

Your fish are beautiful! My dad has a tank of communtiy fish, not very intresting to me.
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Thanks guys its a lot of work but its fun! and soo pretty.....
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love the pic Marina!
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Just ran across this thread while looking for something else. I'm heavily into planted tanks:

This is my 55 gallon "high tech" tank which I've just managed to get balanced again after a major re-arranging about a month ago. There are 11 cardinal tetras, 5 otocinclus catfish, 1 american-flag fish, 1 pair blue rams, 1 half-grown black lyretail molly and 2 dalmation mollies in there (I think that's everybody!) Filtration is a Fluval 204 canister which is really underpowered for this tank, but it'll do until I can afford to upgrade to an Eheim. I also have a Vortex D-1 Diatom filter which I run occasionally. 220 watts of compact fluorescent lighting and a pressurised CO2 injection system on a PH monitor/controller. I've also got about 20 blue ram fry that I'm trying to raise in a 10 gallon (never done this before!) And there's a 5-6" sarassa comet in a 29 gallon. He was supposed to just be overwintering in there but my husband won't let me put him back outside!

I've heard it said that a good planted tank is more difficult than a reef tank. I dunno, reef tanks are a mystery to me !
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lol we just got done cleaning it for the week. we went no sand a while ago because its better for some of the corals that we have. the sand pickes up too much poo which results into po4 which creates more algae and makes the water parameters nasty. so now we have to suck out all of the ditrius weekly. things are mad at us right now for moving everything to clean. lol

i started my freshwater and have a betta right now. i named him merlin. I got a filter that does 100 gallons an hour a heater and lights. i need to rig something up for moonlights. here is a pic so far. im thinking of getting a few neon tetras and a leopard pl*co. Im afraid the tetras might get sucked up through the filter though???

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i have 2 tanks!!! tropical fish, one with cichlids and the other a community tank, i love 'em!
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We have mainly tetras, barbs, and bottom feeders that all seem to do well together. Our tank is 35 gallons and the fish seem to live for a long time. Being on well water may help as we dont have to use any chemicals.

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Do you know I have to add PO4 to my tank ? Such is the weirdness of a heavily planted FW tank. I also add NO3 (actually KNO3.) I have NO algae to speak of, except for just a bit of green spot, which I wipe off the glass every couple of weeks or so.

Don't worry about the tetras. They'll be fine.
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lol you can have our po4!!
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I have a small fresh water tank with one goldfish. I got her in college in 1997!
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I got a goldfish recently, and I use a 5 gallon. (He's really small and I saved him from a carnival) Its filtered. To clean, take out half the water, put in conditioner according to size, and wipe of the items inside.
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we have a 13 gallon tank, it is a jewel make and we have had no problems, the 'jewel' extra parts are so easy to get hold of too. ours came with a jewel filter and heater and a flourescent light in the hood.

we have had a mixture of fish, at the moment we have cardinals, tetras, tiger barbs, guppies and platties. we found that it wasnt a good idea to buy guppies for a newly set up tank, all of our originals died and we also found that platties breed.....LOTS lol, we ended up having to give away about 20 platties from the 2 we started off with lol

we also bought a small crab at one point but i dont recommed them since they are great escape artists.....hence i no longer have one lol

hope this helps

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I have had a 20 gallon, tropical fish tank since 1983. I was planning to shutdown the aquarium after all the fish died, but then I got Charlotte and she loves to watch them!! I cannot break her heart or the entertainment that it provides.
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My tank keeps on going green with in two weeks, well thats about when youre suppoed to clean it anyway, but i couldnt find my thing to take the green stuff off the glass so i use a toothbrush. Later on in the year i will upgrade my tank, or in the new house because i find my filter very crappy.
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lol finnegan loves to watch merlin but shadow doesnt like him at all!!! poor fishy... lol
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i've got a very depressed looking goldfish called Hero. her friend leander died recently. i think she needs some company to cheer her up.
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Originally Posted by fwan
My tank keeps on going green with in two weeks, well thats about when youre suppoed to clean it anyway, but i couldnt find my thing to take the green stuff off the glass so i use a toothbrush. Later on in the year i will upgrade my tank, or in the new house because i find my filter very crappy.
Sounds like you have an algae problem. You may want to invest in an algae eater (that's a fish that kind of resembles a cat fish but they eat algae even off the sides of the tank) or snails. My sister gave me ONE snail back in 1996 or 1997 and I NOW have many, many more generations of snails!!
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We have a ten gallon tank and a twenty gallon tank. The ten gallon hosts 2 adult black mollies, who others died, and about 12 baby mollies. Baby fish are so cute! That tank has probably about 8 live plants and a million snails. The 20 gallon tank has two guppies, an algae eater, a catfish, a red wag platy, a clear platy, and about 6 zebra danios. The red and clear platy's made babies- of which there are five and they are cute, cute. There are two more tiny baby platy's that I've seen hiding in the plants. That tank as lots of live plants and a million snails. We've had these tanks for a few months now and have never needed to clean them. The snails, plecto, and catfish keep the tanks spotless. The tanks also have special light bulbs which are supposed to help the plants grow and a heater and thermometer.
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I have 2 goldfish, I would take a picture of them and the tank, but it a little dirty at the moment, I've not cleaned it yet . But I have been through 2 tanks, as my girl fishy - Jai Jai, got very very big, they are both black moore fish. I think I have a 30 litre tanks, and a filter thats very good, the brand it is Aqua One. Nero loves it though, because he is still little and he LOVES the space
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lol, i have the same problem as you miss charlotte,,,,i have tons of generations of snails....you can hardly see thru the glass because of them all.....i get rid of them when i clean the tank but there is always one that manages to hide in the gravel then the following week i have a tank full again
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