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diarrhea! help!

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hi all
I recently got my cat Blue. he was a stray who wondered to my door. i've had him for a couple weeks. today he was treated for tapeworm in the morning. a he had diarrhea a couple hours ago and haven't pooped or peed since. he pooped on the carpet, which i am not sure what that means. in the past couple weeks he switches on and off from pooping in the litter box to on a random piece of carpet.
if you have any idea of what i need to do in order to prevent him from diarrhea again, please let me know. whwen cats have mild diarrhea, does it usually occur repeatedly for a couple of days, or is it once, and then it's over? thank you so much!
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Being that you've had Blue for a couple weeks and that he was a stray, diarrhoea is expected due to a change in diet, particularly if he has been living on a nutrient deficiient diet which is probably the case.

I would start off by giving him dry food, it's less rich than meat. And then slowly introduce meat over time after he has adjusted to dry food.

Since diarrhoea is present, provide plenty of fresh clean water. And it is okay to add some electrolyte balancing formula to the water such as pedialyte. But be sure to provide an additional bowl of clean water.

How many litter trays to you have? Some cats, especially former strays and ferals prefer pooping in one tray and peeing in another tray. So if you have one, you may want to add another one to see whether that helps in preventing accidents.

Though after saying that, an unwell cat will pee and poop in the wrong places. It's their way of telling you that something is wrong.

The period of diarrhoea really depends on the problem the cat has, just as in humans. If it is occurring repeatedly, as in more than two days with no improvement, a vet visit is in order.
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hi there
yes, i think it must be the change in diet. he was on dry food already and i have provided him with two litter trays before diarrhea, so i am still a bit puzzled why he decided to poop on the carpet. i am hoping he doesn't have diarrhea again tonight.

If anyone has any diarrhea stories, i would sure like to hear them. That sounds a bit sick, but i just want to get an idea of what to expect. Thanks!

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Have you taken him to a vet for a check up?

That would be best given his history.
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