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Miss Kitty finds the love of her life....

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Miss Kitty has finally found true love. It's beautiful!!

Ahh, SuperScratcher, I love you so.

I could just KISS you!!

Leave him alone, Zoe.... He's mine!!

Take that!!

Ahh, all mine again. *bliss*
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She really seems to love her new scratcher! LOL she is so cute!
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Cute! Mine beat the hell out of each other ALL the time. Attack cats. Who's guitar/bass, and is it a Fender?
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lol! Maybe I need to get one of those for the boys!
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LOL... She really does look completely content. I will definitely get one for Frodo and see if he takes to it in a similar fashion.
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Great pics
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Definiatly going to get my gang a couple of these. Miss Kitty looks just wrapped in it . Love the photos thanks for sharing.
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Oh my, she's truly obsessed with it!
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I wouldn't try taking it away from her put it that way!

Whats it made of?
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ohh that is too cute
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oh my goodness - what a cute series of pictures! I love that last pic!
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We've had the scratcher since Christmas, and they both LOVE it. But MK seems to love it a little more, if ya know what I mean....
It's made of strips of corrugated cardboard, and it has catnip in it. MK is a catnip fiend. lol She and Zoe beat the tar out of each other over it on a daily basis.
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what amusing pictures! thanks for sharing them.
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This pix are so cute. I got cardboard scratcher for my little imps & after just 1 looked like there had been a cardboard storm in my house.
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LOL, Gordo gets like that everytime I buy a cardboard scratcher. Those pictures are so cute, thanks for sharing.
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Great pics!
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Miss Kitty does seem enamored of the scratcher. Great pictures and captions. I must see about getting one of those scratchers for my kids. It looks like a hit.
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