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I know I have seen a couple of threads floating around about kitty acne. Well, Logan had gotten a bout of it about 2 weeks ago. (Thanks to all the info out here I was able to figure out what it was!!) I called my vet's office and asked if there was something I could do at home first. The receptionist recommended baby soap and water but to call back and see a doctor if it did not clear it up.

Baby Magic it is! So I scrubbed his little chin for a few nights, and I did see improvement, but it was not totally going away. Needing to drive up to the vet to pick up more food, I hauled his little butt in.

Turns out one of our vet's kitties has had this as well, and recommended Stridex Pads for Sensitive Skin (apparently the sensitive skin version does not have alcohol in them). She said that it actually looked pretty well healed the way it was (I guess the Baby Magic worked) but if it flaired up again to try the Stridex pads. Also, she said that the black marks may not really ever go away, so it's normal for some of the black "dirt" to always be there (Ok, if I had known that, maybe I would have held off on the visit for now).

So for those of you that might be facing kitty acne, the Baby Magic might be a good first thing to try.