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I was fostering a kitten from 10 days made it to eight weeks old .Died today. Dasiy was her name so cute.....because i foster i find it harder, She was a fighter...

For Daisy and the battle to heavy to win~
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OH my Heart goes out to you, Its so hard, Bless you for careing
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I'm so sorry. I lost a foster kitten after a week, I can't imagine losing one after that long. It's a cold platitude when you are hurting, but at least she had a good short life.
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Such a short little life. Sometimes the fighting is just not enough. Bless you for caring enought to foster even though it is hard. Remember this little sweetie knew she was loved and protected for those weeks.
Take care
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How sad, I'm sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Bless you for taking care of all this kitties.

RIP Dasiy
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I am so sorry for your sad news. She has crossed rainbow bridge and I am sure the others welcomed her with open paws.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. One of my foster kittens was named Daisy, and I would have been devastated if anything would have happened to her. Thank you for giving her all the love in the world during her short little life.
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Sorry to hear of the loss of Dasiy. May you find compfort in knowing you gave her love and security the brief time she was here. My thoughts are with you.
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