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He's gone... He died!!!

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i feel so numb

My baby sky has gone forever,
All that fill's me now is sadness, anger and guilt
On monday, i went with my bf to work, well, it was the early hours of tuesday morning, his brother lives with us so he was looking after the cat's and dog.
Tuesday night, sky must have got out through the back door, when he went to look for sky, he found him lying down in the front garden, so he went over to pick him up and bring him in, he knew something was wrong straight away, so he rushed sky to the vets, the vet said that a car had gone right over his spine, paralizing(sp?) his legs, and had internal bleeding!
By this time i know, and i'm stuck in my bf's wagon somewhere near London, totally freaking out, crying my eye's out, it was so frustrating being stuck in that dam wagon .
The vet was going to stay up with him all night, he said that he did'nt think he was going to make it, i was a total wreck.
That night i hardly slept a wink, i could'nt stop crying, praying that my baby would make it, praying that my baby would not be taken from me.....
That mornig came the dreaded phone call, i'm sorry carrie, sky died this morning at 6.00 am
So bf's brother picked up his body. To my horror, we couldnt even get home yesterday..... I couldnt even see my baby before i buried him, to tell him how much i loved him, how sorry i was for not being there when he needed me the most.
I can't take this pain, if had of been here, maybe it wouldnt have happened, what if he was looking for me after it happened.
My little baby 'teddybear' May you rest in peace

The Sky is now your limit
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i'm so so sorry. i wish there was more i could say or do to comfort you

pm me if you wana talk
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I know you are devastated, and I am sorry for your unexpected loss.
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oh my goodness..i am soooo sorry to hear about Sky! What a terribly sad story. He is no longer hurting, though...
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Oh Carrie, I am so sorry you're going through this. Poor Sky, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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thankyou everyone for your kind word's

But i'm just so sad at the moment, i can't seem to accept that he has gone, i keep expecting him to walk through the door, for a split second i forget.
It feels worse because he was not ill, nothing was wrong with him, he was'nt meant to die
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awww huns
people are so cruel out there
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I am so sorry - I know how it is to have something so unexpected happen. My heart goes out to you and the family.
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Oh Carrie! I am so sorry to hear this!

Thinking of you.
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once again, thankyou everyone

Where we have burried him in the backgarden, were going to plant a rose bush, i though that would be a nice idea and something for him.
I keep finind his hairs aroung the house, on clothes, carpets and the bed
and his little brush which still has his hair in it, it's just not sinking in
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Oh, Carrie, I'm just so very sorry you lost your precious baby. This must have come as such an incredible shock to you. Sky is in Heaven now, so happy with his new friends, and the two of you will one day be reunited. What a beautiful idea to plant a rose bush in his honor to mark his earthly resting place! Sky will love love that, and it will be such a lovely tribute to your baby!
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Carrie, I'm so very sorry that you have lost your baby. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, but I know right now that you will be feeling devastated. But Sky knows that he was loved so very much and you will remember him always. Planting a rose bush is a lovely idea - a wonderful lasting tribute to your baby.

Sending hugs to give you strength whilst it hurts the most
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I'm so very sorry you lost your baby.
poor Sky I crying with you.
Me and my cat Darius sending you hugs
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OMG Carrie!, you've only just started to bond with this baby!!

I am so, so sorry this was one i wasn't expecting to read about in here so soon

RIP Baby Sky
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it's so good to know that i have the support i need here, nobody seem's to understand why i'm so upset.
I keep finding his hairs eveywhere, on my bed, carpets and clothes, i still keep expecting him to walk through the door

My little darling baby, i'm so sorry
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Awwww bless his little heart

Carrie your only human, and like my sister usually says, "Only true animal lovers understand what your going through right now", and we do!
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Oh my goodness - Sky was beautiful!
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susan and sam
Thankyou once again,
sky was beautifull, and he did'nt deserve this.
I cant help thinking of the pain he suffered and went through.
My sister said that when he was lying on the chair while they were trying to get a vet that was open, socks went over and was licking his legs, and when my sis went over to comfort him, socks would hiss at her as if to say 'get away from my brother!!!'
I think he though she was hurting sky because he was crying so bad,
God i wished i had of been there to be with him, i'm scared in case he thought i did'nt care
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Awwwww it's obvious Socks could sense Sky was poorly

Carrie, Sky will be looking down on you from the bridge now seeing how upset you are, so yes he will know exactly how much you cared
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Carrie, I'm so sorry for this, he was a beautiful little boy! I cannot imagine the pain that you're in right now, but you're in my prayers hon, and just remember that he's at the Rainbow Bridge now, happy and healthy, and at the Bridge, all the animals know the "truth" about their owners, and Sky knows that you loved him, hon, ok? He knows that even though you weren't there at his passing, you cared. {{{{HUGS}}}} hon, lots of tears on this end for you too.
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I am sorry to hear about your beautiful baby Sky. We lost a kitty to being hit by a car as well, I know that is very difficult to come to terms with. You are in my thoughts. RIP Sky.
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you know all your words mean the world to me
I seriously dont know how i'd cope if i didnt have you guy's,
Thankyou so much
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I'm so sorry to hear this....
I realize I don't know you as I'm very new here, but I just wanted to let you know that you and Sky are in my thoughts.
I'm sure that he is grateful for the time he had with you, and is waiting for you at rainbow bridge.
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My heart is breaking along with yours. I am so sorry for your loss. You were a great mommy and some things in life are out of our hands. Sky was very lucky to have you for as long as he did.
RIP Sky!
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i alsofound out aswell that even if he had of survived, they would have had to put him down anyway, because he had been paralised, he would not have been able to go to the toilet or do anything etc
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Oh Carrie , then it's a blessing because Sky would have had no quality of life in that case
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i know, and that is what the vet said, at least i wouldnt have to make that decision, it would be made for me
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My heart goes out to you as my sister's cat was just hit by a car on Wednesday nite.
I've have kitties get hit by cars too-one was Patch I her pelvis was injured too.
We had to make the horrible decision to put her down as the vets weren't sure how well she would recover.
Remember the good times with sky
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Carrie, I so deeply, deeply sorry for your devastating loss. There would have been no quality of life and he was being called to a peaceful place. Please take solace in the fact that there is no pain now and his spirit is peaceful and free, running with all the other RB kitties. We were thinking of the name Skye for our puppy and I loved this name. Love and peace to you my dear,
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another thankyou
Today was hard because i had to tell my bf's kids, they all loved him very much, and they were so upset
I know sky will be free from pain now, it's still just the guilt of not being there for him
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