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Kitten's back paw..

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One of Dutchy's kitten's back paw's is not fully formed. It appears to be fused together, my little calico she is healthy and nurseing, and she does move it and use it. Is this something I should be overly concerned about? I plan on going into the vet but I wanted to wait til they are a little older, and not stress them and momma out. She is moving just like the other, and actually getting a little bigger than them. and she does move the paw. Its just..more like a club if that makes sense. Should I be overly worried? I have no reason to think she wont have a healthy happy life, if shes used to it. right? And there are no worries about placing her, shes staying with us.
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Here is her back paw.

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Well, it certainly looks deformed. I'm not sure the vet could do anything about it, except to rule out nutritional or other problems as the cause. However, a vet visit is certainly in order. Why don't you call your regular vet and tell them about it over the phone? I'm sure they'd be willing to tell you whether or not to wait or to bring them in now, and to give you some preliminary advice. I know mine would.
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I am going to put in a call in the morning. It is surely deformed, she only has two little toes on it. But i does not hurt her at all, and she does move it. I dont think at this point there is anything at all they could do for it. She is in perfect seeming health everyotherway, and is actually beating out some of the other kittens. I have two vets I consult, the regular fellows who I do my usually everyday stuff with, and the fellows who I talk to with more important issues. I am gonna put in a call to both. Mom is very stressed with being moved as it is, so i dont want to stress her and babies if I dont have too. I guess we shall see what the vet says.

And thank you for the reply. I was starting to think I had scared everyone off.
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Hi there,

I'm a breeder of Persian & Exotic cats as you may know and the first litter of kittens we had this season all had feet like that but they all had toes, we think it happened because the Mother cat Sophie jumped out of our two storey house and we think this is why the kittens feet ended up this way, it was alright though because they came right after a few weeks. How old is she? Since you say she only has two toes I think it might be a bit different-

Give us an update when you can!
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The little girl was born on Monday so she is just a few days old. from what I can see its just two toes. She wiggles it around pretty good when i look, lol. But I have a call in to the vet waiting on him to call me back.

She is so healthy otherwise, and just as normal as can be. Doesnt cry and make a sound when I touch it. We have dubbed her Calpurina, or Callie the Calico.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
We have dubbed her Calpurina, or Callie the Calico.
named after the cook from "to kill a mockingbird"?
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Actually Maverick She is named for Julius Caesars wife in the play Julius caesar. Her name was Calpurnia, and she was kinda his protector if only he would have listened.

And to everyone. I talked to the vet this morning. And they said they dont see it hindering her at this point. When she is about 5 weeks we are to taker her in and have her foot xrayed to make sure there is nothing really wrong going on. And than again once she is older she will again have an xray to make sure the joint it ok. Anything for my little Callie. All in all they said if shes healthy and nurseing. she should be AOK! She will just have a funny foot is all.
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That is such a cute name!
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Thanks I cant help it i am a roman buff, and well..lol she can be Callie the Calico which is just darn CUTE
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