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I have a 24 day old kitten I have been hand raising. I have had it since it was born (the neighbors cat had kittens and it would not feed them of the three this is the only one left) I have been stimulatiing it to use the bathroom with no problem until Monday, It has not had a bowel movement I called the vet and they said that it is probably jsut useing more of the nutrients, well still no movement I called and they were closed. I was wanting to know if I can use an infant suppository to help him go. Everything else with him is fine.
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No, do not use a suppository. It could be very dangerous for him. It was designed for humans, not cats, and the weight differential is substantial, plus cats are much more sensitive to medications than people are.

He may need an enema and that is something that the vet needs to do. In the meantime, try to use a warm moist facecloth on the anus and rubbing the tummy - gently - because you don't want the kitten to get sore. If he has not had a movement by the time the vet opens tomorrow morning take him in first thing - a technician should be able to give him an enema as well as the vet.

He is approaching the age where he may start to go by himself; if you are concerned that he is showing signs of distress, give a call to an emergency vet or leave a message with the vets answering service and ask for a call back. You may be able to find someone who can help tonight.

I hand raised 3 kittens from 10 days old and they all initially had problems defecating, and then one of the three continued to have problems and required several enemas.

Good luck with this little guy. They are a lot of work but well worth it.

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