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Angel needs good vibes

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Angel is having urinary problems. The vet said that it is either a bladder infection or crystals. If it is a bladder infection, the Clavamox should heal it up. If it is crystals, the vet said they will have to flush out his bladder, which requires anesthesia.

I dropped off his urine sample today and I'm praying that it is just a bladder infection. Angel has been through so much already-- he was homeless when he found me. His eye was badly infected, he was starving and he had fleas. I suspect that he was abused by someone before he was abandoned. I don't want him to have to go through a bladder flushing procedure. Please send him some healthy vibes.
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Oh bless his sweet little feline heart! Sending angel MAJOR it's-just-a-bladder-infection (if that) vibes {{{}}} Please keep us updated on his condition!
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So sorry to heard that... poor Angel... my thoughts for him...
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I will be happy to do that!!
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Sending him lots of vibes, I hope he gets better.
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Sending loads of vibes Angel's way - hoping that it's only an infection at most
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Aw, prayers and good thoughts for your little angel!
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Awww lots of thoughts going Angels way!
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Poor Angel! I'm sending mucho vibes your way!
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Sweet Angel Baby...I am praying that you have an easy time of it & an antibiotic clears up your bladder problem.ox
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Sending prayers and warm wishes for Angel.
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Angel sends his heart felt gratitude for the vibes and so do I. I will know tomorrow whether it is a bladder infection or crystals. I'll keep everyone posted.
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Sending many good health vibes to Angel!
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I found out today that it isn't crystals! It's just a bladder infection!!

Thanks to everyone who sent vibes to Angel! God bless TCS!
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Poor baby! I'm praying that he'll be alright, and its nothing serious. Take good care of him, okay?

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Looks like I sent vibes a bit late. I'm thrilled he's alright!
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Thats good news. I am so glad that you found out Angel has a bladder infection, not crystals. Please... keep us posted on his progress.
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Sending lots of good vibes your way...
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Oh what great news . I hope he recovers really quickly.
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Lots of healthy kitty vibes for Angel.
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I will be praying for angel!!
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