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greyhounds anyone?

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Hubby and I are looking into buying a nice big house with a fenced in back yard soon. We are considering adopting a ex-racing greyhound once we get settled if all goes through and the house actually becomes ours Of course, the doggie will be small-animal tested before we decided anything- I'd never put my darling kitties in jeopardy. Anyways, my point is- does anyone have a greyhound, especially an ex-racer, that can share any experiences/advice with me?
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Hope she sees your post, but you can also PM her to get information.
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Really?? Awesome..thanks MaryAnne
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My step-sister was one of the first female dog handlers at the track in Seabrook, NH. (I think it was Seabrook, anyway, somewhere drivable from Boston but not actually in MA.) She brought one of the puppies home to her family before her folks were divorced. Later when my mom married her dad, I sort of inherited care of the dog, because I was the youngest kid at home.

I had a great experience with that dog. He was so good natured and loved people. He never bit anyone, but he had a mannerism we called "smiling" where he would pull his lips back from his teeth when he was excited about something. It looked enough like a growl to scare off the marginal people. He also used to "pray" when he wanted something; he would stretch out his front paws but keep his butt high, like a cat when you scratch his tail, and he'd give us the most beseeching look! He slept in my bed with me, we took him camping, I have photos of him dressed up in my step-brother's ski gear. He loved to run in figure-8's (no wonder he never won on an oval track! lol) and would jump for pizza and was afraid of my hamster. Oh, and his bones were so long, that he'd always lay in walkways through the house, because he needed the leg room! He was quite a character, which is one of the things I liked.

I'm sure some dogs are not as pleasant as ours was, but I haven't yet met a grumpy gryehound. If I was going to get a dog, I'd get another greyhound in a minute. Lovely animals. Enjoyable pet.
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Its nice to hear some good things about these dogs from someone who's owned one They are so beautiful! I've heard they are one of the calmest, gentlest dogs you can own. Often ex-racers become 'couch potatoes' after retiring from the track. Guess I'll need a really big couch :LOL: I've been to a presentation of sorts in my area put on by a Greyhound Rescur Group where they had five or six adoptable dogs. They were so serene, just sitting there looking at all the humans lovingly. I went over to pet a beautiful brindle female and she started to lean against me. Almost like a cat rubs their body against your leg to show affection. Of course I had to brace myself against her weight After previously owning a pretty hyper chihuahua/beagle mix dog, I'm ready for something a big calmer :tounge2: My chi/beagle went to live with a good friend of mine who has tons of land back from the road so he can run free, whereas my current living situation includes highway frontage and a postage stamp size backyard. I thought it wasn't fair to have to tie the poor pup everytime he went outside. I won't consider another dog until we move to the big house we plan to buy, and I'm trying to gather all the info on breeds that I can between now and then.
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Greyhounds are neat dogs. Before we got married, I wanted a greyhound. We used to go to the races..... so much fun! They have a local greyhound resuce & adoption center in Phoenix. I remember the lady telling me that if you have a cat, they send the greyhound to a cat/dog school!
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Just a thought, wouldn't they chase a "kitty" like they do the rabbit on the track to make them run faster??
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What a wonderful choice. I do rescue greys and also babysit many. My boys (2 big black ones that are 6 years old are names Boots and Ardie) are small animal tested. My first concern before Boots came in was the cats but I was told they he was "small animal safe". It's true as he allows the kittens to nurse off of him (on what I don't know). Ardie came in after we found out he was being abused by his former adopter. They are wonderful although for Ardie being 6, he's very strong and very klutzie. If you are an AOL subscriber, let me know and I give you the greyhound site for the message boards and for our chat rooms. There are many of us over there that have greys (and they are all rescued) that live with kitties. I can also find you an adoption group that tests as not many of them do. Let me know if I can help. Believe me, you won't be sorry for this choice.


P.S. Thanks Hissy for remembering as I didn't think many people on the board realized.
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Thanks replying Frannie I don't use AOL, but I'd like to find a message board similar to this one about Grey's if I can. I want to do lots of research before I make the decision, and of course it will be a while until we get our house. The closest organization to me is in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada of course). I don't know too much about them yet, such as if they do small animal testing on the dogs, as their website is down right now. Any helpful links you can give me would be appreciated Thanks
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I'd be honored to help in anyway. BTW, I'm glad you're researching in advance as many people don't and that's why we have alot of greyhound returns. People don't realize that although they are retired, they have needs, like love, warmth, exercise, etc. PM me and we can discuss this in further detail. BTW, I have lots of greyhound/kitty stories.

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John (my hubby) and I were going to adopt a greyhound but we were discouraged by the agency we went to, because of our cats.

Our research had indicated that we would be fine unless they were "live bait trained", but this agency was very conservative and basically just told us "no".

This is just in case you encounter something similar - keep on trying!

We ended up not adopting and we don't have any dogs. We live pretty far from where we work, so we would have had to have a daily doggie visiting service anyhow ($$$!)
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Barb there are some agencies that are like that but the majority of people I know have cats and greys. If you are still interested, let me know and I can help. There are some agencies that will not adopt greys to anyone with young children and I agree with that because although greys are tolorable, the kids sometimes push themselves on them without parental guidence and we've had cases where the grey was returned because it snarled at the kid and the kid went running to the parent and the parent believing that the kid "did nothing", the parent returns the greyhound with telling us that "my kid would never do anything to the dog". Sorry but I've seen what kids can do and I don't even allow my cats to go to familes with young children. But this is just my opinion.

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Could you post a picture of your greyhounds? I would love to see them.
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