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Staying at a friends house..

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Next month I am traveling for 6 days. My first preference is to have a friend come stay to care for Bella, but no one can do it. I am traveling with my family so they too are going to be gone. I checked into a pet sitter but they are $18 per visit (which is $36/day). My wonderful vets (where the girls would on her) is an option but to keep her in a cage for 6 days seems cruel, even tho its the only other place besides home that she knows well & doesnt mind too much.
What do you guys think of this option? A very sweet friend of mine is married & lives an hour away, so she cant come stay, but offered to have Bella come stay at her house. My friend is home all day w/ her loveable lab (which I think would be ok for Bella) and would love and kiss and cuddle her all day. And offered to keep Bella in her own spot in the house. But is that too traumatic to have a whole new environment? I am trying to find the best scenario for my quiet/gentle kitty for 6 days... and not sure which is best. Thoughts fellow cat lovers?
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I had to do that to Pixie a few months ago. To make a very long story short, I was between apartments for about a week and while I had a place to stay, Pixie couldn't stay there. My friend's parents were nice enough to let her stay for the week and Pixie was pretty cool with it. She stayed in one room with tons of stuff to explore, she wasn't bothered by the dog, and she loved my friends dad. I even wondered if she remembered that room, bc she was born there (but I highly doubt that, lol). I guess it all depends on the cat. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. You can't skip your vacation and it is only a week. If you have a friend who will keep her company all day that sounds better than being in a cage at the vets or getting a petsitter, which sounds expensive.
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