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Sorry? You wanted to sit here?

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Do you have pictures of your kitty hogging up your computer chair?

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LOL yes, a large number of gibby doing so.. BTW.. I love your sig! the first pic is my absolute Favorite!
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Sierra in her, formally my, computer chair!

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Awww Cosmo you hunk. Looks like you've lost your chair Amy.
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marsh's not a chair person he's more of - may i spread on your bed while YOU sit on the chair - person

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Cosmo is just STUNNING!!!!
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Here is Monte laying on the computer chair. It never fails, if we get up he sits in the chair and than looks at us with those innocent eyes.

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Monte looks just too adorable for words!
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LOOK AT MONTE'S SWEATER! Cuteness meltdown And Amy, Cosmo is absolutely gorgeous- looks like he's loving life in your chair, too
Here's Eponine, looking queenly as always at, of course, the exact time I need to use the computer

And here's Cosette, my newest computer chair hogger (though recently she's decided she'd rather nap ON TOP of the computer and occasionally bat at the screen)

In this one, not only is she hogging the seat, but she has a friend with her to take up even MORE room!
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awww, since im using the dining room table chair teufel doesnt like it except to dig his nails in it
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Oh Monte Dahling, I just love how your coat brings out your eyes.
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Bijou and Mika usually wait until we vacate one of the lazy-boy chairs and nab it as soon as we get up to go to the bathroom or get something from the kitchen.
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the first picture is in my siggy, but here it is in full color. Eb is the queen of not one but two computer chairs!

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Awww cute pics!
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These pictures are too cute!!! And look at Cosette, she had to bring her toy too!
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Beautiful pics!
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