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I'm a hero in my 13 year old's eyes!!!

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Today I picked my daughter up from her stay with her Dad, in a town 3 hours from home. On our way back we have to drive through a medium sized city. So while we were stuck at a stoplight, my daughter noticed something not quite right in a gas station parking lot next to us and brought it to my attention - there was a man laying there.

I was able to make a right turn into the lot, and I parked as soon as I was out of the road. I told my daughter to stay in the Jeep, got out, locked the doors (always better safe than sorry, I say!) and approached the man. He was barely concious, but was able to tell me he was a diabetic.

I ran into the gas station, where the attendant had JUST NOTICED something was wrong. (Pretty hard to look up from those National Enquirers sometimes, I guess.) I grabbed a bottle of orange juice, and ran back outside with it... figured I'd pay later! Got the man onto his back and helped him get some into his system. We sat there in the parking lot for about 10 minutes. Can you believe no one else stopped??? Finally, he was able to get up and walk inside, where the attendant promised to let him sit and relax until his wife could come get him.

When I got back into my Jeep, and explained to my daughter what happened and why I was able to help (I used to be a certified EMT), she grinned and said "That's cool, Mom. You're a hero."

Any of you with 13 year olds know what that means! WOW!
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Good job- and bless you for stopping.
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Wow, what a great story; and let's not forget to mention the impression you made on your daughter! :pinky: You're definitely a saint, not too many people would've stopped these days! Thank God for you.

Love & Hugs,
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You're a hero in my eyes, too.

But your 13-year-old is probably harder to impress . . . lol
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You know.. Just when I start to think that humanity is going to h*ll in a handbasket, Someone restores my faith in it.... I THINK that stopping for a down man in a parking lot, quite possibly saving his life, is just as heroic a task as the firefighters who died responding to the WTC. Thank you!!

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Geez, guys, thanks! But I only did what I thought was right. I mean, if my Dad was laying in a parking lot somewhere I would hope and pray that someone would at least call the police!

Plus, it WAS a good 'object lesson' for my daughter. (Not that I would have wished this circumstance on that poor man!!!) I really hope it sinks in with her. I'm pretty sure it will, she's fairly compassionate... but in 5, 10, 20 years, I want HER to be the type of person to help, not ignore.

Wow... to be in the category of the WTC firefighters and rescuers, Ken, I don't think I'm even CLOSE to that! I wish! THOSE are the real heros. God Bless 'Em.
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Beautiful to see there are still "Samaritans" in the world!

Bless you.

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If we had more people like you in the world there would be lots less of the bin Ladens. As for not being in the class of the firefighters,etc...yes you are because you did this without considering whether or not he was worth it. True heroes simply CARE!!!
God's Blessings to you...you deserve them.
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Jin and Spawn,

You are to be commended. People nowadays "don't want to get involved" which is really sad. I was an EMT for over 20 years and it never failed that everytime I went somewhere, something like that would happen. And I always stopped. (One time a guy was rubbernecking and totaled my car and sued ME for parking on the median!!).

I wish more people would set those kinds of examples for their children.

Great job!

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Great job The man you helped and his family will never forget too.
Now he can tell his Grandchildren about the angel who cared enough to stop and help
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