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Will the drama EVER end??!!

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I have so much drama in my life anymore these days, that its a wonder that camera crews dont follow me around to capture it!!
I moved in November to my first house to be closer to my parents, and I hated the apartment we were living in.
So, we buy this trailer that was put on a foundation with a huge added screened in porch, that is situated smack dab in the middle of the woods. We own 8.06 acres now.
Well, theres this pond....we didnt know there was a culvert on our property until recently because we have had a lot of rain, and we thought (and were told) that the standing water was from all of the rain...Apparently, we have a whole ecosystem out there!
I have seen foxes, rabbits, opposums, deer...and the biggest snapping turtle I have ever seen. He could've like, snapped me in half!!! But heres how the day went.....I left work (which has been awful due to petty attitudes and the Im-not-speaking-to-anyone-because-i-am-a-awful-person-who-got-in-trouble-for-the-negativity-i-spew from a certain person here that I work directly with) and I headed home to take care of all of my kitties, and I stopped to check the mail. Well, apparently, I left my brain at work because I did not shut the mailbox door, and hit the gas in my truck a little too hard considering I was sitting on lots of loose gravel. I slammed back, and knocked the mailbox door off of the mailbox. Oops. I am hoping no one saw me, put the door back on, and figure that I wont check the mail tomorrow, and then my husband cant blame me...I made sure there was no damage done to the side mirror of the truck...so I am in the clear! Whew. So, I go on home, take care of my business there, get my dog Bjourne harnessed up to go meet my mom to walk. I spend 5 minutes convincing him that the seatbelt is a good idea and get him hooked (hes already 80 pounds..He was trying to convince me it wasnt) So, it hot as hades out there, I am starting to get really frustrated, and finally I win the battle, and I get him hooked in the truck, and off we go. NOOOOOOOOOOOO, nothing is ever that easy. I am headed up the drive way, and I see this long tail sticking out of the only mudhole left in the driveway. And theres this head....it looks like a cobra head. So, I am driving really slow until I see what it is.....and its this turtle, the size of...well, I am not sure I can compare it to anything. And its sitting there LOOKING at me. And it had these claws....ooooooo I am getting chills just thinking about it. And he had these weird eyes and was blinking with those funky eyelids....I was like AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH And it just sat there...looking menacing...And his tail was long and had like, spike things...oh, he was nasty...and I am like, what happened to the cute little turtles and youre like "ohh, look at the little turtle"???? What is this big nasty evil looking thing??? He moved and I jumped. I was in an explorer!!!!!!!!!!! A huge truck, and I jumped. The little nasty.
I call my Dad and hes like "Its snapping turtle, dont touch it..." (like I would get THAT close. Um. No, no thanks, no.)
So, he tells me to call my husband and tell my husband to come remove the turtle (I didnt want to run the dumb thing over, but I wasnt touching him either.) Well, finally, he went on his happy way. Thank the lord.
But I have told my husband that I dont want play in that turtles sand box anymore, and I want to move. I am ok with wild creatures....but when they have claws and could take my arm off in one fell SNAP, I dont really want to play there anymore. I can get out of the playgroup!! So, my husband is trying to convince me that I will never see the mean looking little creature again (quite frankly, the turtle looked like a snob, his nose remained in the air, even when he was walking.) But.......I am not so sure.
I hope that someone can see this and laugh....because I am not laughing, I was truly distraught over it. And I like turtles. I thought they were nice. Apparently, they have evil ones among them.........
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Poor thing, you had a rude awakening, didn't you. That's ok, though. I'm sure the turtle won't hurt you. I used to play with turtles all the time. Even the snapping ones on occassion. The GOOD news is....you can totally outrun a turtle, even out of the Explorer (though I doubt it will come to that). Don't worry about the turtles. You've got the upper hand....upper fin...what do turtles have???....upper appendage anyway...
Eitherway, if the turtles try to overrun you, I'll come down and tell them what's what for you

and don't worry....I won't tell ANYONE about the mail box fatality
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Oh man Diane, that sounds like a reptilian demon! I recently saw 2 huge snapping turtles mating in the creek behind my house. CRAZY thing to watch!!!!!!!!! I can imagine how scary it would be to have one just starting at you like that. They are dangerous; keep the kitties and Bjourne inside as much as possible and watch your fingers and toes!
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I know it!!!!!!!!!! I know he wont hurt me....but still.........you can definitely come down and scare them away for me, Leli. And thanks for your promise to keep my secret. Tee-heee !
But this turtle, had CLAWS. I didnt like him......
Ugaimes...I keep my cats inside, fortunately. I dont like to let them out, because we have heard reports of coyotes moving into the area because of over development in other areas of the states, and I worry that my little Smudge could become a snack for an awful mean coyote. And Bjourne only goes out with me because hes a mama's pup, so they are safe. Little snapping turtles are ok....BIG snapping turtles are not okay. I think tonight, I will stay in and watch Judge Judy! Instead of allowing a turtle to watch me!!
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Those snapping turtles sure can be big! It's a good thing you were in your Explorer, Diane!
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