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How old are cats in regards to people years?

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How many of us have been floored by this question from curious neighbors and concerned partygoers? The embarrassment can be acute, but fortunately there is no need to ever suffer this situation again. And unlike so many other solutions to our social dilemas, this one costs no money! Presenting the United Cats Kitty Age Calculator!
The standard answer to the question is to multiply the cat's age by seven. While roughly accurate for the middle years this becomes ridiculous at either end of the scale. For example a cat that is 20 years old, not terribly unusual, would thus be 140 years old in people years. Clearly an absurd and not terribly useful comparison when one realizes that 115 is the maximum age ever recorded for a human being. And on the same scale a cat just 9 months old can have kittens, at the human equivalent of 5 years of age? No, the multiply by seven rule is clearly of limited value.
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The problem is that cats don't age at the same rate over time in comparison to people.

I understand that the first year is about 1 human year per month, so a year old cat is about a 6th grader. The next year is the teens, so a 2 year old cat is about 18. Then it really slows down, so your 4 year old cat is about 25. As for maturity, well, that varies from person to person anyway so you can't really compare.

I think I read that in Cat Fancy or some such place, and it was so long ago, I'm not exactly sure.
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How to Convert a Cats Age to Human Years

I found this site a while back, well, it's a cool site about cats, this is just one of the many topics

How to Convert Cat's Age to Human Years
From your Cats Guide

You will be able to understand your cat's development more easily if you have a general idea of his age in human years. This method and the accompanying age chart will point the way for you.

Here's How:
Allow 15 human years for the first year of your cat's life.
Add nine years for the second year. A two-year old cat will approximate 24 human years.
Add four human years each for successive years of his life.
When all else fails, refer to the accompanying chart.


This method utilizes averages only. Some purebred cats, such as Maine Coons, mature much slower and don't reach full development for three or four years. Finally, like humans, cats age in relation to diet, exercise and care.

Age Chart for Cats

Cat's Years Corresponding
Human Years
1 - 15
2 - 24
3 - 28
4 - 32
5 - 36
6 - 40
7 - 44
8 - 48
9 - 52
10- 56
11- 60
12- 64
13- 68
14- 72
15- 76
16- 80
17- 84
18- 88
19- 92
20- 96
21- 100
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Use my method if you like... when someone asks a question like this you reply; "I'm not sure,just a minute and I'll ask." Then close your eyes and go into a "trance". After a minute or two "awake" and tell them "(cat's name) says that's a very rude question and he/she has no intention of answering it." You probably won't be asked again....
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Well that should be easy enough Wayne...I do that all the time when someone asks my age :laughing2 :LOL:

Love ya,

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Hmmmmmmmmmm.....since I am 53, does that make me 9 1/2 in cat years? :laughing2 :laughing: I like that!!!
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I wish I was a cat, I'd be 8.
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:LOL: I'd be 2 ! I'm sure that hubby can attest that I sure act like it sometimes
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