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Hey Everyone,

My one and a half year old Siamese cat has developed an annoying behavior in the past month. The instant I go to bed, the cat gets on my dresser and starts meowing...... for a very... very very.. long time. I wish I could sleep through it, but he has a good set of vocals on him. Anyways, he has enough food, fresh water, toys lying around and his litter box is in good shape before i go to bed..... any thoughts?

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You need to give him a good play before bedtime.

Stephanie(Dawnofsierra)sent them over a "Cat Dancer" for christmas, and it's brilliant!!

It certainly makes Sophie ready for bed, well that and a good game of chase with her stepsister Rosie!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
You need to give him a good play before bedtime.
i agree. mine would go to sleep when we did (10:00-11:00) but would get up between 4:00 - 5:00 and do anything they could to wake us up (like stand on my head ). i spend about 15 minutes with them just before bedtime doing some really active play (fetch, laser-light chase, feather on a wand) and they're good till 6:00 now.
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I really feel for you, because, believe me, I've been there! Definitely, as you've been told, a fun, interactive playtime is an excellent way to wear him out before bed! Another great idea is to give him a meal of wet food just before bed. It will keep his tummy full longer throughout the night so you and he both will be able to sleep better!
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