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Shannon and her babies!!

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Here is momma, Shannon and her babies. Isn't momma pretty? The babies were born on Sunday afternoon.

Kitten #1 - Seal pointed??

Kitten #2 - Orange Tabby

Kitten #3 - Light gray

Kitten #4 - Calico

Aren't they sweet?

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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh i want one because their soooooo sweet!!!!!

Aww give the proud mummy kisses from me and the kitts
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Awwwww... look at that! I don't remember the last time I saw a picture of a mommy and her kittens.
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Oh, Karen, how precious! Congratulations to you and Shannon!
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Ohhhhhhhh...the little furbabies are so sweet & Mama kitty is beautiful.
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Wow...those are some gorgeous kittens! Really unusual looking too!
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They are so sweet. Thanks for sharing the pics with us
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& just where was the cuteness alert for this thread? they're just adorable!
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Absolutely Adorable!!
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Oh Karen, what a beautiful family.........more pics please!!
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oh they are so sweet, me wantie!!!
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Cuteness alert... cuteness alert! OMG they are so beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures as they grow! How tiny they are...
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Are you keeping them??
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They are so adorable, I want one!
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They are so adorable, I want one!
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they're cute!

I LOVE, LOVE the calico, that's my favorite color (behind white, of course)
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No, I don't keep them.

My group uses the adoption center at my local PetSmart for adoptions. They'll end up being adopted within a day or two.....momma, one the other hand, will take a little longer.

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OMG, mommy is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh they are precious!
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They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing and keep us updated with new pictures every so often!!! Ann
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Awwww, they are just so precious!!!
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look at those gray ones! ive never seen such a colour before
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Here is Daisy (kitten #4 who is now the fattest of them all)

Here is Windie (kitten #1)

Minnie (kitten #3)

And my personal favorite: Mickey (kitten #2)

And momma Shannon

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Oh! Windy & Minnie are so beautiful! i wish i could take Windy... just love the markings!
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Shannon has such beautiful markings and her babies are beyond cute! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures as those little darlings grow!
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