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Originally Posted by blacksunshine89
I signed it to , that makes me sick there are friends not our clothes.
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There are individuals in this world who are beyond SICK.
My heart goes out to all the poor little ones who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with these people.

I hope and pray we can make a difference and this horrible practice will stop.
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I signed the petition too! I think it's just terrible the things people will do for the "latest fur fashions." I think people can dress nice and presentable without the need to kill innocent animals.I am not an activist or an exremeist, but I do think that people should recognize that every life...even an animals life...is a gift from God, and not something to be wasted away for the lastest fashion crazes.I'm glad that the people on this website are standing up for the lives of animals. Keep up the good work everyone!
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signed it

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I, too, have a Marshmallow!!!
She was born all white and the back of her head looked so much like a marshmellow that that is what I named her.
A few days after her birth she started changing colors.
She ended up being a seal point Siamese(part).
I call her "Marmie". She has a sister who was born all white too but she ended up looking more like a snowshoe Siamese.
Your Marsh is quite the looker, isn't he? He is beautiful.
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