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This is MESSED up!!!!

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You know, it's bad enough that there are some very bad breeders of felines out there, giving the good ones bad names. But I came across this one just a minute ago and it really pisses me off...
This advertised "3rd Generation" munchkin is selling for $1200.00 dollars. Now, between you me and the fencepost, this person is preying on the ignorance of people, mostly cuz 3rd generation Munchkins can only be shown for championship in AACE, an east coast association, (this breeder is in Northern California), and when and if TICA decides they can show for championship, they will have to be 5th gen... Secondly, I don't care how good a munchkin is, there is no way it cost anywhere near that much to breed them. we sell ours for 1/4 of that price and yes we make a small profit sometimes but it is painfully obvious that this breeder is just trying to make money.

Just goes to show you, before you buy a purebred, do your homework...

Here's the page......

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Ken, this doesn't surprise me as I've seen what they are asking for prices on the westcoast. I also contacted an aby breeder on the eastcoast who was selling her abys for -- get this -- $1,500.00 and up and they do not show in any association. Now talk about guts (I wanted to use another word but didn't think it was appropriate on this board). Anyway, we will talk about it in 2 weeks.

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