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So my kitty, Jinx, seems to have the most bizarre habits of any cat I know. She is constantly chewing, or what looks like chewing on gum or something. My boyfriend summed it up well when he said she looks like she's a cow or a bunny grazing on grass. But there's nothing in her mouth!

At first I thought it was mostly when she was hungry or smelled something yummy, but actually it's ALL the time. She'll just be sitting around looking out the window, and just "graze" like she's chewing on her toungue (she's not, I checked and her toungue is A-OK). I have been assuming it's just a weird Jinx thing, but today I thought maybe someone on here could shed some light on her habit. Does anyone else's cat do this? Should I even be concerned?

Thanks in advance, y'all have always been Jinx and my saviours on weird issues such as these!
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Checked her gums and teeth? Is Jinx "chewing" like she has something bitter in her mouth and wants to spit it out? Let the vet take a look.
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Lion does this too! It is like chewing his cud if he were a cow. I have no idea what it means. When he first started I checked his mouth and his throat thinking he might have something caught there, but there was nothing. I had the vet check his teeth and mouth when he was in for his annual check up and mentioned this habit as well. She looked at his teeth and gums and said that they were in 'magnificent' condition and no evidence of any problems at all. He does it when he is relaxed. He has a clean bill of health, is active, alert, happy, no problems with eating or using the litterbox - just has this peculiar habit of 'chewing' when he has nothing in his mouth. Occasionally his tongue darts in and out a little way between his front teeth, but generally his mouth is closed.

I do wonder what he is doing and have thought to post this here a number of times but haven't. I am glad to know someone else's cat does this:-).


PS - I just noticed we are probably within 25 miles of each other - he didn't do this before we arrived in Georgia last May - I wonder if it is something environmental that they are 'tasting' with their mouths?
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That's an interesting theory! Maybe the humidity or pollen in the air? Because I noticed Jinx has been doing it more since the pollen started covering my porch in yellow.

I mentioned it to the vet before, but they said she looked fine and just to keep an eye out if she actually starts chewing on her toungue or something. It's the funniest looking thing! I've been trying to take a video of it with my digital camera, if I succeed, I'll post it up here.
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