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Frodo Escapades

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"*Sniff* *Sniff*.... How do you open this darn contraption??!!??"

"GRRRRRRR!!!! Why...why... why must they tempt me so??!!??"

*'s that annoying human to foil my plans again*

"I was just standing guard....yeah....that's it...standing guard...keeping these darling goldies safe. "

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Be sure and count the fish...if Fordo has his way you might be one short.....
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how uncanny, my norbertis the absolute spitting image of your frodo, and he loves watching our fishes aswell. bless him
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Are the fishies safe from cunning Frodo?
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Awww Cute kitty. It's just too tempting isn't it for Frodo to try and work out a way to get the fish out!

Stunning fish tank you have there. What fish do you have? I just posted some pics of my fish bowl:

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In that particular tank, lives 5 happy little goldfish and 1 bushynose pleco (the janitor).
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Brilliant captions!

I love Frodos sweet face
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Great pictures
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What great pictures! We have thought about getting a tank to amuse Jasper but can't figure out where we could fit one in, our house is full now. Thanks so much for sharing!:-)
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The second picture along with your caption had me in stitches! That is just TOOOO funny!
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LOL, Frodo is so cute. Love the pics & captions.
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Ah! Fish soup!!
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Frodo sure is a great fish guard! So cute!
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My kits have never bothered the fish, thank goodness. Mr. Kitty (My Beta Fish) is on the top of the fridge where Grissom sleeps, and there hasn't been a problem.
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Very funny
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that's a beautiful tank gorgeous pictures
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Your captions are hilarious!
Cats are so cunning, aren't they?? I bet Frodo appreciates you giving him such great scenery go watch each day, huh?
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LOL... thanks for all your kind compliments peeps.

My only fear is that Frodo grows into a bit of a MacGyver one day and learns how to pop open the tank lid.

Heaven forbid, he might scoop up a fish.... or fall in even.

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Frodo's a silly boy!!!!
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