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Humane or Inhumane?

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The debate is over the manner that the old and sick sled dogs were put down.

I really can't make up my mind on this one...on one hand, the death would be instantaneous as long as it wasn't botched, but on the other, a vet would certainly be a better choice!!!
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If it is instantaneous, that's one thing, though it would still leave a bad taste in my mouth. But if that can't be assured, then I think it's the height of disrespect for an animal whose life has been devoted to this person's enterprise.
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I wonder how much of the anger people have is based on how the dogs were euthanized, and how much was based on how the bodies were "buried". Even assuming the deaths were instantaneous, I'm bothered by the fact they were discarded like feces.
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while shooting when done right and with a powerful enough bullet is instant I think that it is very disrespectful, these animals as working dogs, owe their owners nothing, but the owners owe them and a fearless death was their right.
IMO they should change there policy and have the vet attend the dogs that are to old or sick and have them euthanized.
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Euthanasia by gunshot by a skilled proffesionalis considered a humane form of euthanasia by most veterinary associations. However, a confirmation of death is also required before disposal of the remains. This IMO should also be performed by someone trained to asses levels of anaesthesia/euthanasia.

The manner in which the euth is performed should also be considered. Were these dogs euthanised in front of other dogs? Were they handled gently and with respect? Was their last experience on this earth filled with love and compassion or fear and violence?

Something tells me (by the way the remains were treated) that these poor dogs were not treated with the dignity and respect they deserved. They would have had a better experience at a shelter or pound. They served their owners and generated revenue and the least the operators of this service could have done was hire a vet to euthanise these dogs quietly and with compassion.
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Ending the suffering of an animal who is too ill or injured to survive is one thing, but shooting an animal that may be perfectly healthy, but a little bit too small or slow to pull a sled? That ain't even the same ball park.

For me, this was the most disturbing part of the article:
" "I don't need a bunch of dogs running around out there with (their owners) saying that they came from Krabloonik," MacEachen said. "That does not represent me." "

So, he's saying he'd rather shoot the dogs who can't pull sleds (including dogs who may otherwise be healthy) than find them loving homes? This guy needs to be put out of business...it sounds like he thinks of these dogs as nothing more than tools for a profit, not at living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings. What a scum ball.
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This kind of thing makes me wish I could swear on this site-seeing something like that, I don't know what else to do.
Living in a big tourist state, it seems to me that everything revolves around pleasing a bunch of loud, senseless people who don't give a crap about much more than themselves & the pictures that they take home. It makes me want to puke.
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i wonder how that guy would enjoy being buried in feces. huskys are a very much loved breed of dog and they cant even consider attempting to find homes for just a few. i understand that using a fire arm is considered humane. but the fact these dogs are (sometimes) being buried alive is what i find disturping that alone shouldnt be allowed.

im at a lost for words.
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It makes me wonder . . . if the animals were treated with such little consideration at their death, how were they treated during their lives??? This just reminds me that it's important to check into any "tourist" outfit place to make sure they are respectful of their animals, the land, etc before you book their services. I sure would hate to take a sled dog trip with people like this, and later find out what my money paid for . . . .
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the sad fact is if the dogs werent treated with love and respect in their lives its very unlikely they could be safely rehomed with the average family.

i would rather the dogs were shot (if done humanely and as kindly as possible) so they died in familar surrondings than have them endure the stress of a vet visit for their last moments on earth.

it is so sad that people see these animals just as tools and not as animals bt maybe no different to how livestock is treated in our meat markets.
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Originally Posted by Obi
It makes me wonder . . . if the animals were treated with such little consideration at their death, how were they treated during their lives???
Good point.

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An update to the story:

Dogsled Operation Near Aspen Changes Killing Technique

He will also now adopt out healthy animals who "are no longer able to perform".

Guess the public pressure worked!
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