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Concerns about frostbite

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I was snooping around the internet looking for some information, when I cam across this forum.
This past Sunday, I adopted a kitten from our local no-kill shelter. It was odd because I went in looking for my second kitty and I wasn't really seeing anything I wanted to bring home. Lots of adorable cats, but not too many kittens (I have a 1yr-4mo old cat at home and thought he would be a little more likely to accept a kitten). Anyways, a woman just so happened to bring this adorable little kitten in while I was there. He only had to stay at the shelter for 10 minutes until I took him home with me. The woman who brought him in found him on Easter and we think he's about 10 weeks old now.

I'm concerned because his nose looks very soar on the outisde tip and looks like a little dried up blood is on the inside of it. I've wiped it away twice and keeps coming back. It's a very small amount and looks like it maybe on it's way to healing. Also, his paws had skin peeling off the bottom. I gave him a warm bath (which he hated) to get the dead skin off his paws, which seemed to work. I'm treating the nose with an antiseptice first aid lotion called Biocaine. He has a scar on the top of his little head. We're scheduled at the vet at the end of the month.

I'm thinking this kitten had to be outside thru the entire Indiana winter season - which if you don't know is long and very cold. It's just now starting to warm up. Fortunately, we had some really nice days the last two weeks... Anyways, I'm wondering if these are symptoms that might sounds like frostbite, or rather, the healing after the frostbite. Just thought I would ask... if anyone has any input, please, let me know...

Thanks!- Jessica & Claude

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Okay, first of all, Claude it such a cutey! Second, I think you are on the right track with the vet appointment. If you're real worried, see if it can be bumped up. Sounds like just a sniffle to me, except for the bleeding, which could be from sniffling, I would think? If you are concerned, and possibly can't get him to a vet soon, just call them, and see what they think of it.

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I'm thinking the same thing... I think I'm going to give it a week and see where it goes. Thanks for the input!
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I've split your posts from the original thread and moved them to out Health and Nutrition forum, where you should get answers to your questions, along with some good advice.
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I'm used to frostbite usually attacking the tips of the ears first so if his ears are ok maybe its something else. Maybe a URI.....
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I would say that this little one either has been in a scratch fight or has an URI- frostbite generally attacks the ears, tails and paws
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The paws peeling sound like frostbite, yes. Usually the ears would show frostbite damage before the nose though. You may have both a frostbite issue on the paws as well as something else with the nose. A vet visit should clear up the mystery for you and ensure you little one is healthy. He is a lovely little kitten and I am glad that he now has a good home.

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He is so beautiful! Huge, liquid eyes. Congratulations on your adoption!
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Thanks so much for your advice. I'm happy to say that last night I really sat him down and cleaned up his nose with a q-tip and a little bit of watered-down peroxide. It looks much better. Well, it did until he stuck his face into a houseplant. They are so cute at this age!
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