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Bellies Babys 3 weeks and One day

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I thought I would share Bellies babies now. They have a HAPPY home they are going together! I am so happy they are gonna be SPOILED rotten.

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I am so glad that you found a happy home for your adorable kittens. They are the lucky ones. Let's hope that all little furbabies find loving homes.
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They're sooo precious. Are they all going to the same home?
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Awww look at those little babies They have really lovely eyes... I am glad that you have found homes for them.
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Awww they're adorable! They remind me of my Belle when she was a little one.
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They are precious, I'm glad you found them a great home.
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Thanks guys and yes they will be going together i am SOO HAPPY. If we didnt find just the right home they would stay here with us. Period hehehe
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That little face is soooo adorable!!!!
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Aww, that is sooooo sweet. I can't wait to get my new kids.
Your pictures are so cute, thank you for sharing.
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Congratulations on finding a wonderful home for those ADORABLE cuties!! and thank you for sharing with us
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So cute
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They are soo adorable. I remember when Izzie was that age. I helped my sister foster a litter of 6. At 3 weeks, the kittens were so clumsy because the were starting to learn to balance and walk short distances. But they're just sooo adorable at the age.
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AAWWW! PRECIOUS babies!!!!!!!!!
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they are just a riot they spend most of the day fighting, lol and doing the little drunk dance as we call it. they are just adoreable! Its gonna be hard to see them go. but when they do i know its to a good home.
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simply adorable
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Aborable babies!
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