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Chunky Monkey - not the icecream

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Cat capture continues here in little Washington County NYS.

A orange ball of fluff named 'Chunky Monkey' entered the world of humans today. He/she is not happy about it at the moment - but the feather toy and the old Hissy Grab brought the Chunkster into the house aobut 1 hr ago! Yippee - another one off the road and on the way to becomming a wonderful pet for a loving family!

Goldie has 2 little ones left out there - who will be next?
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I may have come up with the "Hissy Grab" but you certainly have perfected it! LOL GOOD JOB!
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Thank you Hissy -
From a pro like you, that is a great compliment!
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What is the 'Hissy grab'!
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This is just how I capture feral kitties, and it works everytime. It is less stressful than traps but you have to be careful or you will get scratched or bit.

You lay food out on the ground and then you go get a feather (i use a peacock feather) which I get out of our peacock we have here. But you can buy a feather toy rather inexpensively. Then either by using the food or the feather to distract kitty, (you are kneeling on the ground near it) you come around over the top of their head slowly with you free arm, and then quickly swoop down and grab their scruff. You have a towel or blanket and carrier nearby, wrap them up and take them off to be socialized. Debra asked me a few months ago how I handled all the ferals I work with, and I shared this with her, and she is a quick study because she has caught every kitten so far ever since I told her about it. Again- GREAT JOB Deb!
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It really works!
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I am so grateful there are so few strays in my neighborhood, but at the same time, I would love to be able to help by rescuing needy kitties via the Hissy Grab, or any other method.

I guess I should just be happy there arentt visibly needy kitties around here, I'm sure they're out there, just not letting themselves be seen. ?

I went to PetSmart today to do a little browsing, and a lovely 4 yr old female white w/black spots and mask FIV positive princess was calling to me.
couldnt get a clerk to let me in, Saturday is Dog Day, and no one was free to tend to the kitties Even if I couldve spent time with her, I coulddnt have taken her, but I think we both wouldve enjoyed a visit. She was such a love, not the prettiest, nor the youngest, but by far the most affecctionate...I hope she finds a home! I wont look again anytime soon, I just dont waant to know. I'd rather imagine she found a lovely home to live out her years showered with love and affection and all that such a wonderful cat deserves. is that such a bad thing?
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Girrrrrrrl :pinky: doing that grab thing again! :LOL::LOL::LOL: You're tooo much! :laughing2 :laughing2

How many now???? How many have you found homes for this year? I think I'm going to nominate you for "Kitty Grab" Award this year. :laughing2

I wish I lived closer to you and Rene. I'd wind up with another two at least. Oh well, I keep saying...what's one more; but after Opie's surgery bill ...need I say more? (except "OUCH")

Love & Hugs,
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Chunky makes 8 this year. 2 more to go + mom - no matter what! I know Goldie won't be happy with me, but she cannot keep having kittens and I am about out of homes to take any!

Chunky is not happy - he has cried almost steady since last night - coving him is not comforting him any more and poor little Buddy doesn't know what to do with him. Buddy is still in and out of the condo. He (chunky) finally ate this morning and drank some water - I assume he used to box - hard to tell with Buddy using that one too.
He is hissing and backing away - I am sitting with him just talking and not looking directly at him. He is twice the size of Buddy! They look way too funny together.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Cleo your story makes me sad. I too will hope that this little one will find a loving home - visiting is good for the soul though, and she sure would appreciate it!
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Take an old pillowcase and stuff the bottom with soft rags or towels or something comforting. Take a thick cord and make a sleeve on the open end of the pillowcase, loop the cord under the sleeve and tack it down (I use a quick running stitch) You will have a sort of purse like sack. Make sure the sack hangs right near your heart close to your chest, then loop the cord around you neck and one shoulder and put chunky inside. Keep him snug inside there, usually once they settle in, I just put a big ol flannel shirt on and button it up around them. He can go with you all day, being ensconed inside there acquaints himself to your smell, (no insult here!) and the beating of your heart will calm him. You don't snug up the open side of the bag, just leave it open and occassionally the kitten might try to crawl out, but I usually put a beanie baby inside with the kitty and he will snuggle right down and sleep and be silent. Good luck- Mike calls this my Pouch Potato Sack! Lol
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Thanks MaryAnne - I will try this one. He sure does need some comforting - feel bad for the little fellow. The others were not so hard to acclimate as Chunky is!
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and his littermates. He will settle in, I am confident that by now (with all your experience) that you have the "touch!"
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Been thinking about the little guy all day, is he settling down now?
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Hissy - sadly he is not. I snuggled with him for about 20 minutes all swddled up in a large towel this evening. My friend is making me a sack like you described. I put him back in the condo when he had enough human touch. He finally settled down when I put little Buddy back in with him. I have several large scratches from this morning's encounter from the poor little thing. He is TWICE the size of little Buddy, but seems to get comfort from him. I have a pad and a heated rice bag and towels in there for him and Buddy. I am sorry I have to go back to the office tomorrow - as the more I talk to him, etc, the better he will come around. He did finally close his eyes when looking at me and that is a good sign! Thank you for caring. I am a little worried about this one.

I wish we lived closer, so I could get your magic touch!
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He hasn't been in the world all that long, and his contact with his mom and brothers have been severed. Once you trap Goldie and put her in there with him he will simmer down more. If you can, take a radio in there and find some classical music, put it on really low, leave the lights out, (i always use only a night light) and put a cardboard box in upside down with a hole in it big enough that he can crawl into it and feel safe. He will come around, he is just wild and not sure what has happened to the world as he once knew it. If I was closer, I would be there for you to help you, but really, you don't need my help, you are well on your way to being a feral expert at this point based on your cram course by Goldie.......
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Does the poor peacock have any feathers left??

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Picture that! A bare - a**ed peacock!
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Chunky Monkey settled in more today. A lot less whining and crying! WHEW!!!! Mike wants to call him Rusty for the rest of his time here - what do you think? I like Chunky Monkey better, but hubby is soooooooo good about all these little temps that I feel I have to honor this wish! (I think Buddy is staying though ssshhhhh)
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Ooooo Deb...I like the "ChunkMonster" (Chunky Monkey) better...Rusty is so passe! hahahaha Don't tell him I said that!!!!! shhhhh! :laughing2:laughing2::LOL::LOL: Lots of HUGS!

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Oh Debra, you are such a saint for taking in these feral kittens, I wish I lived closer to you, I want an orange kitten SO bad! Maybe someday.
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Chunky is sooo much more happy today! We had a petting fest and he even purred for me! Thanks for your well wishes for him.
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Give your little Chunkster a big smmmoooch for me...I knew you'd get him to come around. A big for Mommy too!

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Working to socialize feral kitties is SO rewarding. I just got finished working with the 4 babies whose pictures I posted in the feral colony thread. It only took 2 weeks and the big boy who was the scaredest was purring in my arms on Monday. They now all have wonderful homes. Just in time for the holidays.

Hey Cat,

I hear you with "what's one more". I was going to take KIA, the little tortie female but after a $168. vet bill for Marina Mar, I decided it's best that she get a home that can give her their undivided love and attention. Glad Opie's doing better.
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Yeah, you got that right Donna! I just thank God that the peeps at the ABC paid for Cary's vet bill as well as extra meds for the other cats if they catch that "devil" cold. Man, group insurance would be great, huh? How's Marina doing now? I'll give Opie a smooch for ya :laughing2

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Chunky has taken over the livingroom and the kitty toys!
He is a BIG boy - about twice the size of poor little Buddy who he tormnets for hours. I am sad that he will be going to a new home soon - I have gotten to love his personality. Ripley and Smudgie are having barrels of fun with these two scamps.
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they have homes to go to and aren't out in the wild anymore. GREAT JOB Deb!
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everytime I see this thread, I want some Ben & Jerrys
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Me Too AP - but everytime I hold little Chunky - I want to keep him too!
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You see, you are now a Kitty Magnet and there will be more kitties coming to you real soon........
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You are right! There is a big invisible sign around my house that says - come on in! She is a softie!!!!
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