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Toys in Toilet

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can anybody explain this one or relate?

my older kitty, Luciano, loves his faux mice (the stiched up ones with cat nip inside and long tails). he's always batting them around and would usually end up tearing them to bits. recently though i noticed he was dropping them in the water dishes and the toilet!

any thoughts?
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Unfortunately no thoughts. But my cats TOO like to drop their mousies in the water dish (the toilet is usually shut because they like to play in water too much), and sometimes they drop it in their food dish, and more recently they dropped one in a pot of cat grass I grew for them.

I like to think of it as their "art", but maybe someone has a better explination.
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No thoughts, just laughter. I have never experienced that one and I have had many cats through the years. Although, I have had them drop the toy in their food so they can eat then take it away. Could be the same concept.
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Here's a thought -keep the lid down Give the kitty a big bowl she can dunk her toys in, or get her some floating toys and let her play with those-
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yes, he's "trained me" to keep the lid down...and that makes the mrs. happy too!

i wonder if it's a way of killing his prey? or i'm reading too much into it and it's just him having fun.
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*giggles* Yes, some cats have a thing for dunking things in water, ours mainly put dry food in their water bowl (ewww).
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Milo does that too. I've never figured out why. He only does it with his red mouse though (or his courage mouse). It's pretty much his best friend next to me and Pixie, lol. He takes that thing everywhere, maybe he just thinks mousie is thirsty too, lol.
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My cat Willy did this with his toys. Sometimes he'd fish them out too and bring them to me. I asked my vet at the time about it and he said it might have something to do with Willy thinking he was "drowning" his prey.
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Oh, I hear you.

Hammie is my hunter. He takes those furry mice, chews the tails off (EATS THEM), then cermoniously drowns them in whichever water bowl is closest!!!

I have signs posted on all three toilets --- KEEP LID DOWN, CAT DRINKS FROM TOILET because he will be in there head-first & I'm pretty sure those mice would wind up in the toilets...

So, I read about this. In a multiple cat household -- you have more than one cat, right? --- a certain can may deposit his toys into a water bowl or food bowl or, toilet --- which is saying to the OTHER cats, "this is my bowl". Hammie puts his smells and drools and teethmarks all over the furry mice and then drowns them into the bowl, where they STAY until MOMMY fishes them out!


I have 4 water bowls throughout the house. He prefers this certain one in the kitchen, but this morning I had to laugh; a new furry mouse I bought him the other day was tailless and drowned in the bowl I keep in my bedroom.

So anyway that's what your cat is doing; staking claim to the bowl!

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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
Oh, I hear you.

Hammie is my hunter. He takes those furry mice, chews the tails off (EATS THEM), then cermoniously drowns them in whichever water bowl is closest!!!

LOL Ok, that is a seriously drowned mouse!
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I learnt to keep the toilet lid closed a long time ago (when my sister first got her kitten he nearly drowned in her toilet! She rescued him just in the nick of time)... so my cat has not had the chance to put things down the toilet.

As for toys in weird places, I normally find that Guin has hidden his toys in my shoes or slippers. A few times now I have gone to fish something out of my handbag and have found toy mice. This caused some laughter when I found the toy at work!
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Ginger likes to drown her mice in her water bowl too. Nothing like finding a dead body in the fountain! That pic is so funny!
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No drowned toys for me. Bakker does love to chew on stuff. Last nite I thru him a wooden ruler and he chewed a corner off. Then onto dishwasher where he crawls around and chew on the silverware handles plus the ends of the container that hold the silverware!!
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That's so funny! The only thing I can think of is to keep the lid down. I don't know what else to say.Sorry! At least your cat isn't flushing them down afterwards!Just joking! I'm enjoying reading the funny cat stories! I have a male orange short hair tabby,Sammy, and I'll probably post some stories about him later.
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That's so funny! The only thing I can think of is to keep the lid down. Sorry!
I don't know what else to say.At least he's not flushing them down afterwards!
Just joking! Thanks ,people for sharing your funny cat stories! I really am enjoying reading them. I have an orange male short haired tabby named Sammy. I'll probably be posting some stories about him later.
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OMG!! I thought Mashie was just weird!

I have on MANY MANY occasions found her toys in her water bowl... I had to blink the first time it happened--she'd found one of my numerous little rubber mice I collect for Halloween somewhere and had chewed the tail off, then dropped it in the bowl. I thought it was a real one for a moment.

What's hysterical is when Presh goes to get a drink of water...and finds toys in it. She'll try to scoop it out with her paw, then look at me like, "MOM!! Look what she did!"
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