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Good deed

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Today I had a new client who was recomended by a friend,while I was doing her hair she was looking at the pictures of my cats on my station.With tears in her eyes she told me she had lost her cat of 14 years last year, a calico she was reluctant to get b/c of her mentally handicap son.After getting her cat her son started to walk and eventually chase the kitten,something she had once thought wasn't possible. She told me how gentle the cat was with her son and how she had enriched his life.She wanted to know all the details about my cats and I was all too happy to oblige.By the time we had finished our conversation (about 20 mins after I finished her hair) She had decided that it was time to look for another cat.I also told her that after Monkey died I asked for his guidence to help me pick out a new cat and explained that I had gotten Tigger a 5 year old, she had'nt thought about getting a older cat.She was going to the local animal shelters in our area today and she is going to call me and let me know if she has found anything, she was so excited! So I feel like I did a good deed today! Hope it works out for her,I'm sending her good vibes.
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That is wonderful - I'm sure she was inspired by you and you sound so positive and caring, how could she not be? Keep us posted, I'd like to know if she got one.
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Oh that is so lovely! Do keep us posted!
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Can't wait for the updates!
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What a great story, I hope the perfect kitty finds her!
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aww that brought a tear to my eye!
i hope she goes and gets a great kitten!!
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