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Alright so I keep hearing endlessly about Feliway. I'm just wondering how many people feel it works, and what not
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I am thinking about getting it, because one of my cats is a very nervous type. I hope it can calm him down. Unfortunatly, it costs a lot of money so I am not sure if I should buy it or not. The cats don't spray, it's just that the cat is a very nervous anxious type. Anybody knows if it could help him to calm down?
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I started using it with Ashly and she seems to be very calm. We have opened the door and inserted baby gates so everyone can meet and greet. Buzz my grumpy old man (1 year old), still hisses at her but he'll get over it I'm sure.
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I used it for my males that were spraying and it did nothing. Maybe it will work for you but I wasted my money on it.
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I'd say just give it a go, it may or may not help - but it can't hurt right?

We've used it in the case of our two boys as they had a few inapproriate peeing problems the vet thought may be behavioural. So far so good over the past 3 months, so I swear by it!!
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Don't forget to vote folks! Gives me a better idea of what the general concensus is!
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I cant really vote because I have no idea the effect it's going to have on my kittys that have been here a while.
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Good to hear Ash is settling in Leah-

You can buy the comfort zone room diffusers cheaply on ebay. They work tons better than the direct spray does-
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i've never used it - simply because i never had to
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I used it with Comere (RB) when he was having pee-outside-the-box issues. I can't say that the Feliway was the answer because we did several things at once combined with using Feliway, but sure-enough, he stopped peeing outside his litterbox.

I also used it the first day we brought Cosmo home. He was a shelter rescue and you can easily say he had a traumatic few weeks before he came to us. He had been in the shelter for a while, then got vaccinated, then to a vet to get neutered, then to a foster home, and then we picked him up... His first night home, here's what he looked like...

I can't say for sure the Feliway calmed him enough to be "right at home" immediately, but I'm sure it helped (especially since Comere's smell was still around the house, and might have even had a "sick kitty" smell if there is such a thing). It could absolutely have been part of Cosmo's nature to be a relaxed kinda guy, but the Feliway sure didn't hurt!
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I have and enthusiastically recommend the Filiway diffuser! I started using it when Sierra and I first moved here, and it made such a difference in her, I keep it plugged in at all times. I am completely sure it helps because it has run out when I wasn't aware that it had, and Sierra became noticably more anxious.Then I realized it was empty. By this, I see that it really does help her, and it's not just a psychological thing for me.
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I have a feliway diffuser which i bought relatively cheaply on ebay and it seems to have helped my anxious rescue kitty. But I have been using a couple of other things too, so it's difficult to say if it's just the feliway diffuser for sure. There's no harm in trying it tho..
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I have used feliway diffusers and spray w/great success. I got mine thru online pet suppliers MUCH cheaper than at PetSMart or Petco.

Bella is a nervous traveller, so I got some before I ever brought her home, and the diffusers have been invaluable in calming my strays/ferals. I bought three diffusers and a fresh spray bottle for my upcoming move and the kitties' transition (Mom has four that I'll be introducing to Bella).
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I'm unsure if it truly helped us settle (new) Saba in with Sasha or whether it was our smothering love that eased her in. I know people swear by it but now that the diffuser is empty - I can't tell. If I bought a refill and plugged it in again, I'm unsure if I wold notice any change. Maybe some kitties are more sensitive to it than others?
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Well I moved house five times in the space of 18 months.

And I was introduced to feliway. The first move was traumatic for Esper. Russell was a little edgy for about two weeks.

Subsequently with each move thereafter using feliway has helped settle the kitties and ease into their new surroundings with much more ease.
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I broke down and bought my first one a couple of days ago! I bought it at petsmart, even though it was more expensive than online, it was the first time I'd ever actually seen it in real life. Actually, it was the first time I'd ever been to petsmart, so we were in awe of the place. Most local petstores have virtually nothing for cats, a couple of different little toys, some catnip, and some collars, and some bad food only in tiny bags, so I was in heaven. We ended up spending $200 on our little buggers! lol...

Anyways, back on topic, I can't tell for sure, but I think the feliway might be having some effect on Mimi, since she hasn't been trying to wake me up since I plugged it in, and so the scars on my face are finally starting to heal! I wonder if it'll help with Ziggy's meetings with her now. Hmmm...
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I am seriously thinking about two of them to calm my older cat.. she is still hissing and swating the younger one after 5 months..
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Is Feliway safe to use with feral kittens?? I dont know much about the product.
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Also im about to move in 2 weeks--will feliway help calm my kittens?
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Originally Posted by Alisa
Is Feliway safe to use with feral kittens?? I dont know much about the product.
Yes, feliway is safe to use with all cats. It should indeed help with your move if it works at all. I should help your cat adjust, and feel more at home.

I just bid on a second feliway on ebay today.
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This stuff saved my submisive male (Dally) last year he escaped through an open window (he worked and worked at the fly wire until he made a big enough hole) and went for a wonder in the middle of the night. He as then chased back inside by a tom (who wasn't desexed) back through the window and my very bossy tortie (Tobie) attacked him. She broke two of his back claws so his feet were in a bad way and she wouldn't leave him alone it took approx. 3mths to get them to be friends again. Slowly but surely and with a lot of feliway we also had to start again and board them at the vets for a couple of days while I tried to "change" the house so it looked like new ground. I will always have a bottle in the cupboard just to be on the safe side. Sorry this is very long. lol
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I'm currently trying to use Feliway to cure a spray/marking issue with one of my cats. Hopefully it's the answer because I'd really like to NOT have to find him another home. He's not apparently compatible with alot of people/cats around, so I think he's much happier being a bachelor cat :P But, he has good days so I'm hopeful it's just a fixable behaviour. I'd had to lose any of my cats, even just one, for any reason.

I'll keep the progress posted here, but I have a quick question. Would having fans on in the house help/hinder the Feliway process? Anyone?
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K, I am officially a feliway convert! I plugged it in less than a week ago, and Mimi has stopped scratching my face in the middle of the night, in fact she's been leaving me alone all night every night (she used to wake me up a few times every night)

I also let Tyger up to "her" room a few nights ago and played with her, and Mimi watched interestedly in total silence (she always shreiked, growled and hissed the entire time there was another cat in her line of sight, no matter what the other cat was doing...)

I have never felt so happy and relieved in my life! And I honestly think feliway helped, because she changed overnight, after 6 months of being a pain!!!!!
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I used Feliway when my two neutered males weren't getting along too well, and it helped calm them down. I used two diffusers when I added a third cat to the household. (One upstairs, one down) The introductions went amazingly well. I've quit using it now, as all three seem to be getting along fine, but have just ordered another to have on hand for an "emergency" behavior problem in the future.
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I used a few sprays of Feliway around the house and on my hands to help my foster girl Jill. It made a significant difference, and she allowed us to pet her (one person at a time). Once she began trusting us, we no longer used it much.

But the first time I had it on my hands, Garfield (who is always a love bug) was all over me. He would not quit! It definitely had an effect on him too!
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How can I tell if it's working? Are you supposed to smell it or no? I just plugged it in, in the bedroom. Can only the kitties smell it?

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Originally Posted by ciera23
How can I tell if it's working? Are you supposed to smell it or no? I just plugged it in, in the bedroom. Can only the kitties smell it?

No, you're not supposed to smell it. You'll notice it's working if your cat's behaviour or temperment seems to change significantly
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My vet recommended this for me, as my male cat got stressed at a foster and he has a heart murmur. The receptionist very kindly got prices and pulled the products out for me, but the diffuser (which is what i need) did say that if you have reactions to normal plug ins they are not advisable. I can only use certain plug in air fresheners, so was reluctant to spend the money on it. I have used Rescue Remedy and found it useful though.
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I purchased a Feliway diffuser for Dori once we moved into our new house. Her appetite almost ceased to exist for 2 days. I plugged in the Feliway and the next day she was eating normally. I kept it plugged in for the next 4-6 weeks while she became used to the new place. I didn't have to replace it after it ran out.
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Originally Posted by squirtle
I kept it plugged in for the next 4-6 weeks while she became used to the new place. I didn't have to replace it after it ran out.
yeah, that's what i was going to ask. do they become dependent on it psychologically so that you always have to keep filling it forever?
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