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What is wrong with Mini?

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I was wondering if Mini might have worms!
I left a note to myself to make an appointment for her after work tomorrow, it doesn't seem to be a flea problem like I first thought.
Here is a gross scan of what I picked up from one of her sleeping areas with my lint roller...They are tiny, the scan makes them look huge, but they are about the size of a comma on your keyboard, hard & dried out. The color is about right, though, tan.

What really freaked me out is that when I was petting her some time ago,(I often run my hand down her tail) I got something on my finger that COULD have been one of these things before they dry out...White-ish, not quite as big as a grain of rice.
Does anyone have any ideas, something I can ask the vet about so that they know what to look for?
I don't think Tucker has this problem, but the two of them are buddies, so it's possible.
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hard to tell by the photo but it could be flea larvae. Tapeworms are white, and these look brown, and flea larvae is brown. And if she has fleas, then she also has tapeworms.

To find out, put her on a piece of large white paper and comb her out. Shake the comb out over the paper and if you see brown flecks, take a drop of water and drop it on the brown spot and if it turns red, then your cat has fleas-

Please treat for fleas safely. Get the product from the vet, advantage or frontline, and also ask for droncit to kill the worms-
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No, I don't think it's fleas-I've seen flea larvae & those are more of a grey-ish, whitish type of look,longer & pointier.. I know what the black specks look like, the "flea dirt", this is something I've never seen before,& Floridians are always waging war against fleas. They are both strictly indoor cats, & fleas are part of the reason for that. I recently put flea collars on them instead of the usual flea drops from the vet-I worry about what that type of direct absorption of chemicals might do to them in the long run, but they hate the collars, so I will probably go back to flea drops. But no, something tells me this isn't fleas.
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The scan you inserted looks like the dried segments of tapeworms to me.
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Originally Posted by gayef
The scan you inserted looks like the dried segments of tapeworms to me.
Exactly...rather good image of what they look like, including color, when dried.
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Yep. Not too long ago, she actually was still enough for me to have a look at her "business end", & there was the evidence. I'm 99% sure Tucker has them, too. Aren't they from ingesting fleas? (or am I mistaking this for another type of worm?) They haven't been around any other type of animals.
Is it o.k. for her to sleep with us? I am moving the litterbox till this is resolved-we can't keep them out of the bedroom, they have to pass thru it to get to the litterbox, plus Mini sleeps with us everynight. Ugh. I won't be able to sleep.
Jeez, somedays I really love Florida.
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Yes, tapeworms are from ingesting fleas. At least now that you know, you can get them cleared up from this and treat for fleas. Are you into gardening by any chance? Fleas can ride in on your clothes..
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No, I don't have a garden, just alot of potted plants outside...this is a bad state for fleas, & it isn't even summer yet! The only difference in our routine would be that we befriended a stray cat that has been hanging around our apartments lately. We don't get close with him like we do our own, & in this state, fleas can come from anywhere, but he might be a link in this chain of events, cuz Mini is almost 2 & I've only just started to notice this.
It's going to be an "interesting" trip to the vet. I hope they will let me bring home some de-wormer for Tucker, cuz he is a big boy, too big for the carrier, & he will fight me to stay out of it, it is very stressful!
Thanks, everyone, for your help!
(It's way past my bedtime..)
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