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Goodbye, Dagwood

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About four hours ago, I had to say goodbye to one of the dearest, sweetest little souls God ever placed on this earth.

Dagwood showed up in the parking lot outside my office building 17 years ago, a gentle stray with a sweet disposition who wanted only to be loved. He was a dark grey tabby with a swirl pattern coat and deep-set, soulful eyes that were slightly crossed. He became the work cat, content to live outside the office in a cat box the building's owner had built for him, grateful to have a dry place to stay and plenty of food. Eventually, he came home with me to live in the house that would be his home for the next 17 years.

Dagwood was a wonderful cat with a soft, sweet voice and a temperment to match.

About two years ago, Dagwood's crossed little eyes began to cloud and his eyesight began to fail. A large cat after reaching maturity, Dagwood began gradually losing weight and his movements slowed as arthritis crept into his hips. All natural things for a cat of 16 to undergo.

Several weeks ago, his left eye developed what looked like a bad infection. Dr. White prescribed an aggressive regimen of oral and topical antibiotics. Despite the weight loss and nasty looking eye, Dagwood's heart was strong, his lungs clear, and he was about as healthy as an 18 year old cat can be, even though he was down to six pounds. Throughout the trauma of applying antibiotic salve to the eye and shoving oral antibiotics down his throat twice a day, Dagwood remained sweet and loving.

Today was Dagwood's checkup. The eye had barely improved and had actually swollen more than a week earlier despite the antibiotics. There was obviously a tumor growing behind his eye, most likely malignant. Dr. White gave us three options: Remove the eye to buy him some more time, treat him with salve and pain killers to make his remaining days as comfortable as possible, or end his pain and let him go. The proper decision was obvious, yet still so horribly painful to make.

I drove over from work to the clinic to say goodbye. I stroked his frail little body and whispered in his ear that I loved him as he purred and rubbed his cheeks against my hands. Many human tears were shed, by me, my wife, and the vet techs who came in to check on us from time to time.

Dagwood is gone and the 17 years he spent with us seem as if they passed in a moment. The tears are not stopping and I wish I had five more minutes to spend with him, five more minutes to hold him, five more minutes to look into those sweet, crossed little eyes.

Goodbye, Dagwood. I love you, my little friend.

Dagwood straying the heavens
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You have my heart for your loss. Thank you for allowing Dagwood to have such a rich and fulfilled life-
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RIP Dagwood

I know that he's looking down and meowing a "thank you" to you for all you love and care you gave to him.
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I am so sorry, may Dagwood play and wait for you at the bridge until the time for you to be reunited comes. And thank you for loving him selflessly enough to do the right thing for HIM, even though it hurts so terribly. You are in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry for your loss RIP sweet Dagwood
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At this sad time you have my sympathy, my thoughts, and my prayers.

Dagwood couldn't have picked a better home to live in. He knew and does know your love, until the RB where you will meet again, be comforted by that, you will meet again~
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Aw I'm so sorry to hear about Dagwood! You are in my thoughts.
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Sorry to hear of your loss I shed a tear or two when reading that.

Play happily in heaven Dagwood
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Your post got me in tears (again) thinking of the same decision I had to make just a few weeks ago for my Charley.

I understand your pain and it is so difficult not to have those 5 minutes more that you crave so much.

You are in my thoughts.

RIP Dagwood
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so sorry to here of your loss, my thoughts are with you.
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Originally Posted by alexa
Your post got me in tears (again) thinking of the same decision I had to make just a few weeks ago for my Charley.

I had to make a similar decision back in March. You made the right decision, and Dagwood is looking down on you with nothing but love. You gave him a happy love-filled life.

You have my deepest sympathies during what I know is a painful time...
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I've been in your shoes and you have my sympathy and understanding. Also hugs comin at ya!
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Thank god he had you as a wonderful and loving father for all those years. You warmed his heart as much as he did yours. He will be your guardian angel forever.
My girls just crossed rainbow bridge a few weeks ago and a few weeks apart.
I hope you find comfort in the love and time that you had with him.
Lots of hugs
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I got all choked up remembering how I had to make the same decision
with our himalayan who was 19 at the time.It broke my heart as I loved him deeply.I miss him the most and loved him the best...My sympathys to you at this difficult time.
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I am so sad for you and am praying for you.
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I never ceased to be humbled by people making the most loving and most painful decision in their pets life. Dagwood had 17 glorious years with you and was very loved. My heart goes out to you and your family right now.
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Sorry for your loss , it hard i know.
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I am weeping right along with you. May you have comfort in knowing that you made this angel's life happy.
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17 is a grand age for a cat. Dagwood made a great choice all those years ago and brought his special sunshine into your lives. You made the only decision you could although it brings great pain to you all. His loss will be always be felt although you will be able to look back on his long life with smiles and not tears. Remember he knew he was loved and cared for in all that time and is waiting for you. Running and playing with his knew found friends on the Bridge.
Take care - you are in my thoughts
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