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Need board magic for my sister's boyfriend!!!!

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Some of you might have read my other thread, but I'll recap for those who didn't.
My sister's boyfriend, Duncan, has a condition called Addison's disease. It's a form of primary adrenal insufficiency, which means that his adrenal glands don't produce important hormones. He has to take pills several times every day to get the hormones he needs, and still has lots of problems associated with the disease, because hormone replacement can never work as well as the real hormones would.....and in this case, it's worse because these hormones play roles in tons of systems....everything from regulating salt absorption to releasing glucose between meals. In short, he has a pretty serious disease.

Unfortunately, he's been having problems with his legs (spastic paralysis). After being told by numerous doctors that it was unrelated to addison's, somebody FINALLY consulted the head of neurology at another hospital. He said it sounds like adrenomyeloneuropathy, another condition that is associated with Addison's. If this is in fact the case, what's going on is that his spinal nerves are being demyelinated, which is like stripping the insulation of an electrical wire.

He needs to see a neurologist, but the hospital says the referral to the head of neurology guy (at the other hospital) has to be from THIER neurologist, and Duncan can't get in to see him until next week. My sister is trying to get in touch with neurology department at the other hospital, but hasn't been able to yet. They're closed for the day.

With all this to deal with, Duncan's addison's has been hard to control (it reacts to stress) and he's been feeling terrible. My sister just called to let me know that he's been hospitalized and put on an IV and heart monitor.

I'd really appreciate it if you guys could send good vibes or pray for them or whatever you do that makes that board magic....I can pass it on to my sister and Duncan. Maybe reading your replies would make him feel better.

sorry this post was so long, guess I'm rambling a bit.
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Sending many good vibes Duncan's way.
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geez, that sounds so horrible, bless his heart! I pray that he will be cured (or at least get better!!!).

Please keep us updated on his condition.
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Many thoughts and prayers for Duncan and your sister~ Please pass along a hug from me ok?
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wow, sounds like a very hard condition!
I hope he can get well from it
*sending Him vibes*
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Sending prayers and calm Duncan's way.
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Lots of good thoughts going Duncans way!
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Thanks so much for all the support so far. We really appreciate it.

LacyDF and Fwan: unfortunately, the Addison's is permanent, so there's no possibility of a cure. If he does in fact have the other condition too (AMN), there's no cure for that either. But if they could just SEE him, they could at least let him know for sure whether he has it and talk about the possibility of treatment.

Duncan was released by the hospital last night because they didn't have a bed for him overnight. I'm really mad about this. Nobody is doing anything to help him get it worked out. They've been talking to different hospitals in the GTA (greater toronto area) and thought they had found one last night that could get him in today to see their neurologist. THAT neurologist had wanted him to come last night, but they didn't have a bed for him either, so they said today instead. When he called today, though, the hospital, at first, didn't even know what he was talking about. Then they told him that the neurologist was "working on it"....what does that mean???
Basically, he's still getting the run-around from all the hospitals. It's ridiculous. I mean, the HEAD OF NEUROLOGY of a major hospital said he needed to be seen THIS WEEK and that was LAST WEEKEND. I can't believe that not a single neurologist can't squeeze in ONE appointment.
Plus, the Addison's is getting messed up from all the stress. If it got really out of control, it could be fatal. What is going on!!???!! I feel so bad for Duncan.
Anyway, I guess they'll just have to keep trying.
Thanks again for the support. I'll continue to keep you updated!
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oh my goodness...

I'm so sorry.
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Oh that's sad, I just said a prayer for him.
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Duncan is in my prayers! I wish those doctors would be more caring. People with serious conditions like that should be given top priority for treatment. I hope God does something to make these doctors realize that they need to do more to help Duncan.
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Can the original doctor call and make an appointment with the neurologist for him? That is done here quite often in the US. Usually your given an appointment within 48 hours.

I hope all goes well and he receives good news. Sending him vibes and prayers.
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Well, Duncan STILL hasn't been in to see a neurologist. They (aka the hospital in the town where he and my sister live) have been communicating with bigger hospitals in Toronto, but they still haven't been able to get him in. They've hospitilized him for the interim now, because he needs pain management, plus monitoring for the Addison's. He's in a lot of pain right now and isn't really able to walk at all. The toronto hospital says he's second in line for a bed with them, so hopefully the transfer can take place soon.
Thanks so much for all the prayers and support. I know they really appreciate it. I gave my sister the address of this site so that she can see all your replies and read them to Duncan. Just wanted to say thanks again.
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