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Leonid Meteor Showers!

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Get up early tomorrow!

Get up before dawn and take advantage of seeing a spectacular meteor shower!

Lots and lots of shooting stars to tickle our fancy!

I'll be up looking - how about you?
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oooh, I heard it was from 3am to about 6am.........not sure if I can get my sorry butt out of bed at that hour!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3am east coast?
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In Ct, they say optimul viewing time is about 4:30 to 5:30 ish...
Not sure if I am going to get up the same i do to go to work on a Sunday.........


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My mom seems to be a fruit cake and is going to watch it between 1am and 2am pacific time
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My hubby told me about it this morning. If I am too tired to get up I'll lay in bed and look out the sky lights in our bedroom.
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Going to be foggy and cold tonight, no meteor shower for me.......
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I got up extra early today and enjoyed the most magnificant show of lights I have ever seen! Better than anyfireworks man can make!
Hissy - maybe you will have a better shot at seeing some tonight?
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We had clouds and a ton of ground light, so we looked but we only saw 5 or 6 streaks. I didn't know it was a kind of thing that lasts more than one night, though, so we might try again.
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We stayed up late last night to watch. I went and sat outside on our back porch for half an hour in the freezing cold, before I got smart and realized I could see the optimal portion of the sky sitting INSIDE the house looking out of the sliding glass doors. (DUH!) It started here at around 11:45, and we sat at the window until about 1:00am. It really wasn't in full swing when we gave up - only about 1 every 2 minutes, although there was a point we saw about 5 or 6 right in a row. Only one really bright one, but that pretty much made it worth it!

Are there going to be more tonight? I thought it was only a one night deal!
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I might have tried to catch a look if I could have even seen to the end of our 20 foot driveway! Lotsa fog, even up til 10 a.m. or so.

Ah, well, win some, lose some...

Happy day to all!

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