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Not Eating and Drinking

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A Rescue League cat (Nip – 1 year old) selected me 2 weeks ago last Sunday. She didn’t eat or drink and started sneezing. I took her to the vet and she diagnosed a cold. Nip received a shot of subcutaneous fluids and about 5 days worth of amoxidrops.
I could only get her to eat canned tuna and very little water. The good news is that she now appears to feel fine…very active and getting along well with the resident cat.
The problem is that she still is drinking very little if any water, a minimal amount of dry food, and the canned tuna. I have tried various brands of wet food. She is anxious when I bring her bowl. However, she takes a sniff and walks away…unless it is the tuna in which case she eats it like she has never eaten before. I have tried withholding the tuna for up to 24 hours but then give in as that is most of the liquid she gets.
Her elimination seems normal although somewhat dry.
Any suggestions as to a wet food she might like and how I can get her to start drinking water?
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You may have tried this, but what about gradually introducing another wet food mixed with the tuna? Or sprinkling some tuna juice over her dry food?
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Tuna is not good for kitties and it makes for finicky eaters. Try heating up canned food, try Fancy Feast for now because she isn't eating (it is junk food for kitties) Nuke it in the microwave for a few seconds. If you feed wet, she is getting some moisture. Chances are she is still plugged up and she can't smell really well. If a cat can't smell the food, they won't eat it, and tuna has a pungent aroma that can get through any stuffy nose-

Also rub some acidolophulus (I spelled that wrong sorry) powder on her gums to perk up her appetite, or prior to her eating, give her a small pinch of loose leaf catnip.

Also seek out the Market Place and look at Plain Brown Tabby's treats she has to offer. Wildside salmon is a hit with all my cats- even when they are ill-
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You need to stop feeding your cat Tuna. Mixing it with cat food, a little less each day until the Tuna is gone completely, might be the best route (as suggested).

"Tuna is low in calcium and too high in phosphorous. It may cause
vitamin E deficiency or yellow-fat disease. Plus it may increase
susceptibility to 'rubber jaw,' a form of osteoporosis. Several
problems are associated with feeding cats tuna. The first one is that
it's highly addictive--cats love tuna oil! Additionally, 'people' tuna
lacks many of the essential amino acids and vitamins, especially
taurine and vitamin A, B and E, necessary for feline health. Be aware
that the high amount of mercury in some canned tuna is detrimental to
your cat's health. Tuna should not be a staple of any cat's diet.
Reserve it for an extra special treat."

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