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Throwing up everywhere!

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Jake and Elwood seem to be perfectly happy healthy boys. They are both eating normally, are very active and super friendly. They are both almost 3 years old. Jake is a little thin and Elwood seems a little thick for brothers of the same litter but I'm not overly concerned. However, someone (and I don't know which one) is throwing up all over the place! Over the last couple days I've cleaned up about 6 messes!

Sometimes it seems like one or the other will eat a little too enthusiastically and then vomit it right back up, but lately, it's out of control! They seem fine as they are acting as goofy as ever, but I'm getting concerned.

Any thoughts????

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Of course a trip to the vet is always advised when dealing with something like this.

If one of them is gorging to the point of throwing up, there's a couple things you can try. Raise up the food dish a few inches. It's not attractive, but I have mine up on a phone book because Trent will overeat like that. Bringing it up a few inches changes the angle to where they can't gorge naturally. Trent will still do it occassionally, but not often. If it's really bad, try speading the food out on a cookie sheet. Getting the food spread out that much will also slow down the eating and will also help with the gorging.
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Also feed them separately in isolated rooms. Keep them in there one hour after eating- monitor them for signs of vomiting- (because cats often eat their regurgitation). It could be both of them are vomiting- check your food bags for expiration date and see if the food smells funny-
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Good idea. I'll give it a try and watch them. The thing about having multiple cats is you never know who's the culprit!

If they don't improve in a couple days it's off to the vet we go. THAT should be a treat. -sigh-
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Yes I would definitely cart 'em off to the vet, once you isolate who is doing the vomiting. Especially if its several times and over a day or two.
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Vicket's always been a 'sicky' cat, and she's gone through these periods in her life where she's being sick several times a day. We've had the panicked rushes to the vet and huge blood work ups several times but she does just get these phases sometimes. If you do get the all clear from the vet then some of the things that help her when her stomach gets hyper sensitive is to check she's got no furball problems- sometimes trying to get up a furball makes her sick, and the furball goop from the vet makes that better- and the other thing is to try varying the food. Being on an all dry food diet made it worse, once she went half and half on meat and dried food it's been much better. And when she has one of the days when she can't seem to keep anything down, giving her tiny portions of boiled chicken- really tiny- every couple of hours, got her stomach calmed down. Hope your boys are feeling better soon!
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My girlcat Festus had roundworms, and started vomitting. My cats are indoor only, but she had gotten out once. I had not considered worms, until finally she vomitted one up! Gross!

I would add to the other advice here...to take a stool sample (from both cats just in case) to the vet. They should be able to check very quickly, and if worms is the problem, give you some medications.

Good luck!
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What is the food that your serving? Wet, dry? Brand and flavor?
Some cats are allergic to seafood and will throw it up.
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Oh.. so it's been about three days and I've raised their food dish a few inches and it seems to be making a big difference. They're not gorging and there have been NO nasty incidents! YAY!!!

They guys eat about a 1/4 can each of wet food just about every evening and are free-fed dry during the day. The dry is not brimming to the top, so it averages about a 1/2 cup each a day. I'll still, as always, continue to keep my eye on them.

Thanks for the advice!!!!
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