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cat getting hurt??

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my two cats chase each other so fast under the side tables and hitting their backs on the wood, will they be okay doing this over and over?, thanks
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Depends on how old they are? If they are kittens you would be surprised what kittens can survive-
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my two kitties get into all sorts of rough-housing and all sorts of interesting predicaments...but always come out unscathed. knock on wood!!!
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They'll be just fine, unless someone starts acting injured, then I wouldn't worry. My mum once had a cat who would intentionally bonk herself on the coffee table because she liked how it felt. Cats are miraculously tough creatures, so there should be little to worry about!
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My cats do that, too. Play so rough! When they chase each other, they hit their heads & backs on bottoms of iron barstools, chairs, the catdoors leading to the litter box areas... you name it.

I think as long as your cats aren't acting hurt, you're okay. If they are limping or you notice swelling on their backs, then I'd worry. But cats are extremely resilient -- even into old age.
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i used to get freaked out when they would chase each other on the main level of our house where we have wood and tile floors. they're just bouncing off the walls, doors, and furniture...but still they just keep going like nothing happened. i've also noticed that head butting thing with both of my cats and the coffee table...it happens to often to be an accident so i guess they like it?
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ok, sounds really good, thanks
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