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Hi! I know this is related to the collar thread, but I wanted to ask a question specific to tags.
Those of you who do use collars, what sort of idenfitication do you use?

Chester was microchipped by the shelter when I adopted him (for free) and I have a big yellow tag that they gave me with his microchip number on it and the phone number/website printed on it. I suppose it's incase someone finds him and doesn't have a scanner, or it doesn't work. (it is a universal scan though).
When I had his rabies shot done, the vet gave me a big metal blue tag saying that he had his shots this year, and it had an identification service as well as my vets address and phone number. None of these actually have his name on it though (unless it is accessed through the databases).
I don't like having 2 tags on him, they clank together and look bad, but I do want to have him safe if he gets out of the house.
Which tag would you use?
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i have a collar and one tag on it, specifically when we go to the vet. it has his name on it, my name, my town, state and phone number. I think that's enough, he's 100% indoor and not chipped.
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All of my pets each have a rabies tag, microchip tag and license tag.
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Hershey has 2 tags on his one is his rabies and the othe is his name and phone number. He is also Micro-chipped.
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i think you shud gif him/her using that tag when he's going outdoor
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I say use them both
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Is your cat required by local laws to wear the rabies tag? If not, I would either use the microchip tag or have one made that lists the cat's name, your contact number, and the microchip number & phone or website. That way, they can reach you or the microchip company if someone finds him.

If your local laws require the rabies tag, then definitely have him wear that and make sure your vet has your correct address and phone number.
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If you want your cat to wear a collar, I'd pick the blue metal tag you described. Most non-pet owners have no idea what a microchip might be, but they will understand phone numbers and seeing a vet's name would make them more comfortable about handling the cat. They can rest assured that rabies won't be their "reward" for rescuing your lost cat.
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I've got tags on my two with my telephone number only, just incase
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I have a plastic covered tag that has their name, address and phone number on it. They are strictly indoor cats, however, if by chance they slip out, they have their home shown on the tag. They also wear breakaway collars though . . .

The rabies tags are so big and bulky that I have them in their vet files instead.

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cloud shade: It hadden't even crossed my mind that that might be a municipal bylaw, but since our last representitive really hated his neighbours cats because they used to "go" in his garden, I wouldn't doubt it. I'll check into it for sure.

I put the second tag back on his collar. In reality he's an indoor kitten, but he's interested in going out and I'd hate to loose him while he's getting used to being inside.

Those of you who have more than on tag, do you put them all on the same ring, or keep them on their seperate ones? I was thinking that it might be better if I put them all in the same place, since his is a break away collar and doesn't have one of those "tag hooks" and the tags sort of flop around. Can you see any reason why I shouldn't?

Thanks so much for all of your help
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