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Say Cheese!!!

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I was trying to capture this shot and am SOOO glad I got it! I almost died laughing when I got it up on the computer screen!

Smile pretty for the camera...

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That is so funny. What a great picture.
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Aw! Cosmo's talkin'! I love how kitties look when they meow like that.
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he looks like a cartoon! i love it

you should submit it for the 'caption it' contest.
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that is too cuteee!!
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thats too cute!
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That is so cute, now he just needs a good pick-up line to go with that face.
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Definitely "Caption This" material! What a hoot!
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What a fantastic picture!!!!!
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Oh Amy, that was perfect timing with the camera!! LOVE IT!
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Fantastic photo of Cosmo!
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So cute lovely cat
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Cosmo is a cutie pie!
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I have to say that is a way Adorable also
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Fantastic, Amy!
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Great Pic!
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Wonderful picture of a very happy cat.
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what a sweetie, great pic
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What sparkling teeth!!
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Awww, great gnashers!
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Great pic, cute & funny!
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Great photo! Does your dentist need a "spokes-cat"?
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Definitely "Caption This" material! What a hoot!
I totally agree!
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Oh that is so cute!
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