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The Cat in the Hat

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Look what my daughter's did to my poor cat. This is the original Mr. Nippers. Poor guy!!!!

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The look on his face says it all.
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awwee... what's a little discomfort for our viewing pleasure???
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My mum used to laugh her butt off when i used to pretend my kittens were my babies and dress them up
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Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match...
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My kits would be so perturbed if I did that to them.......I LOVE IT!!
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Talking about the look of discontent!
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So funny
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The sad part was that he held still for it. My oldest took the picture and I stumbled across it. Nippers usually has the happiest face of the group.
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Awww! He looks so pissed off! Yup, the look certainly says it all in that pic!
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oh that is soooooo sweet, he looks like a russian doll bless him. i used to do that with my collie and she used to just stand there with that look which says it all. brilliant piccie
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And i could see Rosie letting me do that to her......NOT!!
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Babushka Kitty...
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Poor baby! So cute!
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Aww what a good kitty to let the girls do that . Our old cat used to spend endless hours in the doll's pram when my daughter was small - and she just let daughter do whatever she wanted as well!
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Nippers is very good to let your daughters do that! And what a priceless picture. I love it! Thanks so much for shareing it! :-)
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Talk about getting an instant face lift!!! Nippers must be a male, because any female in their right mind would love it if a face lift came as easily as putting on a knit cap! What a funny pic
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LOL, that's so funny!
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SO great I had to look it.....:-)
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Love It !
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The girls said thanks for all of the comments!!
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