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one step back. Isn't that the way it always is with ferals?

Juliet has been comfortably hiding behind my occasional chair in the living room all week, though I suspect she sneaks out to soak up a sunbeam now and then while I'm at school Yesterday, though, I was working in the kitchen and I must've gone in there while she was in the litterbox because I could hear her behind the washer/dryer. (she would have had to pass by me to get back to the living room - heaven forbid! ) I let her be, knowing she would re-emerge when she was ready.

Well I went to the laundry to get the broom, and accidentally tapped the handle against the washer, JUST like my roommate had when we were trying to get Juliet to the vet last week. . . She had a flashback, came out from behind the laundry hissing and scrabbling on the linoleum on a tear for the living room and her safe corner. Poor dear, that's the first cross word she's had since she came home. Now when I catch her napping on the windowsill she eyes me with great suspicion. I continue to speak to her in cheerful tones but I begin to wonder if she'll even be tame enough to remove to a rescue by the time I move next month. I'm just so