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Ugh... got any ideas?

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At the moment I'm absolutely full of a cold (yay) and it's one of those horrid ones that sit in your sinuses. My nose hurts like the balzes where I'm constantly blowing it (even tissues with blam are hurting now) and I can't sleep because I can't breathe. the hacking cough I can live with for the time being... but has anyone got any good ideas for a decongestant? I've tried sinutab and sudafed and even the trusty Vicks isn't working now Any ideas will be more than welcome... as long as it's not snorking hydrogen peroxide - whoever suggested gargling with it for a sore throat... I'm watching
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Well, do you have any smelling salts? They tend to clear the sinuses really fast (but take care when smelling). Or, this one is difficult but you could try and put normal salt in a glass of water and drink upside down to clear your nose ...

*I have not tried either of these before but have had then suggested to me*

Hope that you feel better soon
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have you tried like steam? with a towel over your head and with hot hot water in a bowl?
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Originally Posted by fwan
have you tried like steam? with a towel over your head and with hot hot water in a bowl?
I would second this one. When I had a really bad cold a few weeks ago, holding my face over the steam from a boiling kettle helped to relieve the congestion and the sinus pain. Of course, once I stopped breathing the steam things began to start feeling bad again, but it provided a little relief until the decongestants started to have a chance.

Hope you are feeling better soon - colds are absolutely no fun!

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I swear by this....chicken soup with lots of garlic and onions (or at least some, and homemade if you can..cook the chicken off the bone) and then add some tabasco sauce...it will help clear those sinuses right out and get them draining.

Hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks peeps... normally I swear by steaming, but this time it hasn't really made any difference at all. Oh well... I suppose I could always stretch to a really hot curry later on... I'll suffer for it in the morning but that might do it.
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Emma, someone suggest to me a Double Wiskey on the rocks

Maybe you can feel better but I´m so sure you Forgett all about it!
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Hot, spicy, peppery foods. I mean LOAD it up with pepper & hot sauce! Make your eyes water, your nose run, get everything outta there!

A long, steaming hot shower. Shower until you prune. Then when you're done sit in the bathroom with all the steam.

Hot tea, boiling hot, with lemon & honey & whiskey (I think it's called a Hot Toddy)?

I did all these things while sick around Christmastime and everything but the hot toddy went well. The Toddy made me puke cuz I had something else wrong with me.

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I would also be drinking lots of water to replace the fluid loss. When I was stuffed up earlier this year I "snorted" water (don't laugh) I had some cupped in my hand and just inhaled (yes I was desperate and my sinus's were very dry) I did end up doing some sneezing. It helped briefly for a while (well it was worth a shot!!) Did you try placing a warm/hot towel over your nose/cheeks???
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The same advice I would give to your kitty . . . a visit to the doc. Sounds like you need prescription-strength meds. Be forewarned, if you don't get your sinuses cleared soon, you could end up with a sinus infection (if you don't already have one) and those are the DEVIL to get rid of once they dig in!
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How about some orange juice or some other form of vitamin C? I just got over the sinus problem. This helped me, I also took Claritin (sp?) it's over the counter now and did seem to work.

Oh and at night, I would wake up not able to breathe because my nose would dry out so much. I would get up and take a very hot soak with some vicks vapor in the water. Then I'd put some on my chest and rest pretty well after that.

I hope you feel better soon!
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you should chop up onions and make you cry, then your nose will water
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