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All stove up

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Bill and I are not having a good week. On Saturday, an air hose broke loose and, while trying to corral it, Bill banged up his bad knee. He's had it wrapped with ThermaCare wraps, ever since. Because of that, he didn't go to see Bill Engvall, that night. I got my friend Jennifer to go with me.

Jennifer and I spent Saturday power shopping and walked all of Tucson Mall. I am WAY out of shape. Since Sunday, my back has been in spasms. When not working, I've been laying on the heating pad and wearing a ThermaCare wrap to bed. Last night, I stayed in the shower, until the hot water ran out. The main component of my diet has been ibuprofen.

Between the two of us, I don't think that Bill and I could come up with enough pain-free parts, to make one good body. If I had known that middle age was going to hurt this much, I'd have kept myself in better shape. Once my back eases up some more, I'm going to start using my parents' pool, a couple of afternoons each week. That should take off a few pounds, strengthen my back and it won't aggravate my arthritis.
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Cindy if you can get your hands on some MSM start taking that- I know with Mike and I it helps a lot for achy bones, injuries etc....
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WOW! I hope you guys feel better soon! Sounds like you're both falling apart. I think it's a good idea to go swimming for exercise. I prefer to swim because I tend to not have the aches and pains when I finish my work out.

Good luck!

Oh, and BTW, the next time you need somebody to go see Bill Engvall.......I'm free!
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Oh Cindy! I'm so sorry to hear about yours and Bills bad week. I hope you are both feeling better soon!
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Try icing down the sore parts for 10 minutes before you use the heat. The cold will help with the inflammation. If you have never tried Biofreeze, I highly recommend it. It comes in a spray, a roll on tube, or a rub. I like the spray because I don't have to get it on my hands. You can buy it from a lot of chiropractors or massage therapists. I use it on my arms and back after a long day, and it is wonderful. FEEL BETTER!!!!!!
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