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Pregnant Cat Overdue?

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Hello all, I am so fortunate to have found this site, especially at this time. I have adopted a pregnant kitty and am trying to figure out her due date! She was a feral I had been feeding for a while, and turned up pregnant. I took her to the vet on March 15, and, after an x-ray, the vet seemed pretty sure that she would be due on March 25. I was thinking "more around April 1", but the vet said that was pretty much on the outside of the range. it is, almost April 6 and no kittens. She has been eating kitten food since before she got pregnant, and is negative for FIV. (In other words, sleek and healthy.) Also, not showing ANY sign of delivering soon. No milk can be expressed from her nipples. Oh, and I definitely feel babies moving in there!

All in all, if she's showing no signs of distress, babies are moving, she's eating (lots), what would the vet do if I took her in? She seems like a perfectly normal (pregnant) cat. And...she's even getting along quite well with the resident 2 cats, dog, kids and adults! Thanks for reading this long post - just trying to figure out where to go from here -

- Kim
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Sounds like you are doing everything right for the moment - do you have an appropriate kitten nest made up for her and is she at all interested in it? If you are feeling lots of movement, then that is a good sign. The babies will be very active in there right up until delivery. It is when you don't see them moving that problems can arise.

The vet (if you do take her in) will attempt to palpate her belly and guess how many kittens she has on each horn. I wouldn't take her in unless she is sick and needs it - it just doesn't sound necessary at this point.

As to when she may deliver, well, it is a guessing game without knowing when she became pregnant. Get her nest ready and watch her behavior closely. If she goes in and out of the nest (or whatever other place she chooses to have her babes) digs around, is restless, strains in the litter box - all of those things would tell me she is very, very close.

A little before delivery, she will lose her mucous plug (you may not notice this) and kittens will come shortly afterwards.

Best of luck, and be sure to keep us updated!
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Hooray, hooray! Five kittens so far! Kittens born overnight, not in a place of my choosing, but in a spare room that already had a litterbox, as well as a door. Do they need to nurse right away? They all look healthy, but mewing their little heads off. I'm pretty sure there are more to come!
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Hi! WOW! That is great that she had her kittens. So, how many total are there? What colors? I think it is great that you took her in.

I breed Persians and I have a litter due April 22nd....can't wait.

Please keep us updated.....I can't wait to see pictures.

Pat and Megan

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Eight kittens, can you believe it? Elsa did just great - didn't even whimper when she was having them. She cleaned them up and everything. I had to re-direct a couple of escapees and #7 came a little quick so I helped him out of his sack, but that was it.

Momma (Elsa) is black, and the babies are:
3 white with a small gray spot on their head (van)
1 black
1 tortoiseshell w/ tabby markings also
2 gray tabbies
1 either tortie or tabby; that one's always nursing so I can't see it's face!
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Thanks for taking care of this pregnant stray and helping her with a warm home for the delivery.
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how fab, what an assortment, 8 grief how do they manage i had enough trouble with two non furry kids 3 years apart lol
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Will try and take more photos. Having trouble taking such small faces. Think I need the macro setting!

Hopefully these will work!

I REALLY REALLY think these will work now. Having trouble with that "hosting site!"
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How WONDERFUL!!!! Babies are always sooo exciting. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to pics of them.
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So nice of you to take her in, and provide a safe home!

To make the pictures show up, you need to use a photo hosting site - I think most people here use Photobucket.

Than you post the links that are provided under each image - there are three different ones, it's the bottom one that works!
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