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Lots of "Crying"

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warning - LONG (sorry)

Maybe I'm looking for some guidance... or reassurance... or ??... I'm not sure. I think I'm being a bit paranoid...

Cosmo has made his adjustment to our life so far pretty good. Our schedule is anything but consistent having an 11-year-old daughter who has several activities throughout the week at different times. I also work only part-time outside the home, so several days a week I am home. And obviously, like any family, we are in and out at various times for recreational or obligatory reasons.

Cosmo has been eating well... I've got him on the Natural Balance food which he seems to like. Some days I give him a treat, but no more than 1 or 2 and not every day.

We play with him every day... either I do or my daughter does (or both of us do).

Now that spring has finally sprung I am opening windows which he seems to like to perch in. I also started putting birdseed in my backyard so he gets some recreation watching the critters and flyers who come along to eat.

So here's my question... or concern...

He "cries" a LOT. I'm not sure if it's crying or meowing for attention or just talking. He'll meow at me when he follows me into a room. He meows at us when we come home. If he's napping or just relaxing and you pet him, he'll trill at you (like a meowy purr). He meows and chases my feet when he wants to play. He meows at me when I get out of the shower!

He seems to have this routine... he follows me and my daugher around first thing in the morning while we're getting up and dressed... then around 9am he goes to my daughters room to this little warm corner he likes and gets his morning nap. Around mid-day (1pm) if I'm home he comes out... if I'm not home obviously I'm not sure, but he seems to come out when I come home (around 3pm). He follows me around meowing at me. I always say hi and pet him but no amount of petting or playing seems to satisfy him. He REALLY has taken to me specifically and follows me around the house when I am home (right now he is perched on his carpet post/bed behind me watching me type). From late afternoon through to almost my daughter's bedtime he is pretty persistently meowing at us if we are not paying attention to him. This is the timeframe where one of us will play with him usually (though the days I'm home I may take a break from work or other responsibilities to give him little spurts of play). He always quiets down with the meowing around "bedtimes" or when things in the house quiet down (10-midnight). Then at the crack of dawn it starts again as soon as my husband alarm clock starts to sound...

Since opening the windows the last few days his meowing seems to maybe be "worse" (or more). I sometimes get the impression he wants to go out (he was a shelter rescue so it's possible he was outside for some time). I want to keep him an indoor only kitty. He was neutered just before we adopted him (March 19th).

Sometimes the meows are just typical meows. Sometimes they are low and groany (more like when you hear a Tom outside). But both types seem to occur sporadically, not tied to any one desire (that I can figure out).

Maybe I'm just not used to such a vocal guy. Comere (RB) was vocal but only when he very specifically wanted something like food or water or to go out. I'm not used to talking or crying for attention... it makes me feel like he's not happy or something is wrong! (though he seems good other than the meowing).

Last but not least... and off topic a bit... he had some diarrhea today (today only). It is common or ok for kitties to have it once in a while as long as it doesn't continue? I may just be paranoid with having to put Comere to sleep last month... Also, he's been scratching a bit. It could be fleas from Comere (since Comere used to be an indoor-outdoor cat) but he was given and Advantix treatment the day we brought him home, and I see flakes by his tail which makes me think dry-skin... is that "common" during shedding season? Is there anything I can do to alleviate it? Would "itchiness" cause crying? He's not scratching/grooming overly a lot, but enough that I've noticed.

So if you made it through my excessively long post, do I have anything to worry about, or is this all just "normal"? He got a clean bill of health from the vet the day before we adopted him. His appetite is good, he's drinking water, he's using his litter box, and he is spunky and playful, including at least twice a day when he gets cat skitzos and tears around the house like a mad-man. He has everything he needs and then some -- matter of fact my husband says we're spoiling him -- maybe that answers the whole post right there

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The crying... my Baylee used to do that. A lot. We would just ignore her. She doesn't do it AS much but at night she does, I think it's usually cuz she wants us to come down and play with her. He might just want to talk to you and have you talk back. He might have something to tell you. Or maybe he likes to hear himself talk. Like I said, we ignored her when she talked and since she didn't get any reaction out of it, she stopped doing it as much. You might try that. Or just embrace it as part of his personality.

The diarrhea... if he has fleas, it could be because he has a parasite or something. How long ago was he given the Advantix? If it was more than a month ago, I think he needs to be flea treated again - most need to be done monthly. If he doesn't have fleas, he could just have a parasite randomly, I know my Baylee had that a few months ago. I would watch him closely and if he still has it, then take him to the vet.

The dryness... I have no idea. Sorry!

Good luck!
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Well, I really don't have much advice than to say that Tango is the most vocal cat I have ever met! During her waking hours she is always "talking"! Sounds like Cosmo could be the same?

Someone who knows more will be around soon and can especially give you advice about the diarrhea, which does sound worrisome though I am the one rushing my cats to the vet for no apparent reason sometimes ~

I love that you took Cosmo in, I am SO positive that Comere is looking down and smiling right now
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He's smelling spring, and cats that are spraying on the bushes outside, and all the scents in the air. Some cats are just vocal- and the best way to handle it is not pay attention to the cat until the cat is quiet- then knock yourself out by petting and rubbing and praising the cat.

Personally, I would not use advantex- I have heard bad things about that- I would use frontline - capstar or advantage
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It could have been Advantage -- I'm not sure -- the foster mom treated him the morning we picked him up and said either Advantix or Advantage...

Thanks for the reassurance everyone... I will keep my eye on his diarrhea if it continues. Hopefully it was a one-time thing. He did have the treatment on March 19th, so it's been less than a month. He was itchy from the 2nd day we brought him home... but I've noticed the dry "dandruff" by his tail in the last week or so.
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It sounds to me that Cosmo has a little bit of siamese in him. The howling, all the greetings and talking.

Maybe he's itchy from all the dry skin he has. Ive been battling with sakura's dry skin all winter. Thank god its spring now.
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maybe cosmo really a talkative cat... i love siamese but my situation dint allow me to have one. so i hv to swift to birman that not so vocal.
best of luck to you
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We have several vocal cats, one that NEVER shuts up. And hers isn't even a meow, it's a cross between a bark and a quack. We have other cats that whine a lot, etc. It doesn't sound like anything to be worried about, just have the advil nearby for when you can't take the incessant noises anymore!
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Originally Posted by kittylea
It sounds to me that Cosmo has a little bit of siamese in him. The howling, all the greetings and talking.
Oh good grief, that reminded me of Max, our yowler. He looked like a tabby, but his mum was a siamese. You wouldn't know he was a siamese except for the lungs on that cat! He could wake up the neighbourhood if he wanted to be on the other side of the back door (whether he was on the inside or the outside never mattered! lol)
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My McKenzie is a constant talker. She even gets in your face at night and meows if she needs attention. George talks a lot, too This morning George and I had a pretty long conversation. I'd mock his meow and he'd meow back. I finally shut up because I didn't know what in the word I might be telling him

If Cosmo wants out and you want an indoor kitty, he will just have to adjust. Kenzie wanted out in the garage the other day (all mine are indoor cats, also) and I would not let her. She sat at the door for a good 15 minutes meowing. She's 15 now so, I guess this is just how a talkative kitty is. Talkative cats can be pretty entertaining but annoying when you want them to shut up. MA's suggestion of rewarding them when they are quiet is a great suggestion.

As far as Cosmo's poopy problem - just keep an eye on it, but you already know that.
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I already posted the picture in the fur pictures forum, but it fits my post here so here's the thumbnail...


He sure is a talkative fellow, though it does seem like ignoring it helps (though he goes away and sulks - pouty kitty!
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