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Kiwi is Home!!

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She is feeling much better today, and she looks much more awake and happy. She seems to be even telling me that she's ok by talking all the time. We had a bit of a bill, but it was all worth it, I am calling it her "Luxury Hotel/Rehab Facility Stay" LOL She is quite swollen, and seems to like it when I place and ice pack on her belly to sooth her swollen boobies. She is expected, within time, to make a full recovery!

The babies are doing good today, I've cut down their bottle feedings to twice a day, and leave a bowl of KMR out for the rest and they seem to be taking to that well. They're a little behind with eating on their own, so I am going to cut the bottle by Monday, and just feed them the KMR in the bowl, and begin introducing them to canned food. I will just take it slow, not cold turkey, plus, we all like the bonding time They have caught on to the litter famously!!! Guess what I found in it today!!! Poop! Whew, they are doing it on their own!

That's my update! Finally it's a good one
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YAY! So glad Kiwi is home and recovering!

So is she on bedrest and no babies per doctor's orders?
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Matt don't rush the little ones into solid food, they will come around to it. But if you pull away bottle feedings too early you run the risk of the kittens not getting adequate nutrition-

Are you feeding supplemental vitamin drops in the formula?
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The babies are right at 4 weeks now, right? Hissy is correct, don't rush the introduction to solid food, but put it out there, all mushy and mixed with a little warm water to get their interest. The ones that are ready will eat it and the ones that aren't ready, well, keep them on the bottle.
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Ok....I will take your advice guys. Is it still ok to limit the bottle feedings and push them towards lapping the KMR?
Yes, Hissy...I got a liquid vitamin drop from the vet today for the formula, so they get a good boost whenever they eat.
Thanks for the advice guys! So I will keep bottle feeding as planned, and scrap the solid food until next week maybe, and just have them drinking the KMR from the dish.
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They may not take to eating solid food right now- but leave it out and see if they investigate it. Just make sure it is soft food, and not just hard kibble, but really you should still be bottle feeding- even though I get the impression you aren't thrilled at the prospect of bottle feeding-
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Oh no Hissy, I am fine with it....I am just concernec they are behind schedule. I like the bonding time it gives us
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So how's Kiwi doing now? Is she allowed back with the kittens?
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Yay! When the family is doing well, can you post some pics?
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