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A friend's cat has something called pemphigus foliaceous. Its horrible - within 2 weeks her kitty went from healthy and happy to miserable and deathly ill. The fur on her face has come out (with large chunks of skin) and left big scabs. She can hardly see. She lost 5 pounds in the last two weeks, which is almost half her body weight. She barely eats or drinks and mostly hides. They didnt think she would make it, but the vet has something to at least try. It has a 50% chance of helping.

I guess this is a rare disease, and it's something like lupus for cats but not exactly. Does anyone have experience with this, or can you recommend another board online where she could get some info? I think she'd feel better talking to someone who has gone through this.

I can't believe how awful her cat looks after only 2 weeks. It makes me thankful that my cats, bratty as they are, are happy and healthy.