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3 weeks old

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Hi all I am giving an update on Samona's Boys. And have one silly question since it has been so long since having this young of kittens around. All the Boys are good healthy weights at .6 and .7 pounds maybe more now since its been a week since vet saw them.

They have teeth coming in so Samona does not stay in the box much anymore. They are playing, climbing, preening and curious of all new things. I am just worried that Samona is going to get sore from biting teeth. How soon should I start them on their own food?
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I too am having the same problem. My kitten will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I am trying mushed canned food with formula, but no takers cept Momma.
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Try leaving the formula out of it and just mix it with a little warm water.
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so just canned food mushed with how much water
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Just enough to make it kind of a mushy goopy mess. Not too thick but not watery.
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Wow I will try that and pick up some canned food next time I am in town. Samona will also be happy lol.
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