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I know you've had some trouble with the family lately and I was just wondering what you and hubby will be doing for Thanksgiving?

The boyfriend and I will be spending it by ourselves (neither one of us has any family in the state) being lazy.
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We are spending it by ourselves too! We are going to be lazy just like you & your boyfriend! :LOL: I need to go get a small ham & turkey.... still haven't got one yet!
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that sounds nice. I've been talking to some friends who have to do a lot of running around and I'm so happy that we aren't doing ANYTHING but being lazy.

I think my boyfriend would LOVE to have both turkey & ham but even if I bought the smallest ones I could find, that would be so much food, especially with the extras like mashed potatos, stuffing, etc. I hate to waste food.

So I think he's going to have to settle on turkey for thanksgiving and he'll get a ham on X-mas.
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Well, I am buying a ham, and one of those turkey breasts, so it should be ok? Hubby also wants green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls. You know, my parents haven't still called, and it doesn't bother me anymore. I am used to it, and if they want to be that way, then fine with me. Plus, I don't like to run all over the place. Every Thanksgiving & Christmas, for 20 years (before I got married), we always had to go to my grandparent's house, and didn't like going. After I got married, hubby & I decided we would like to just stay at home. It is so much nicer, if you ask me. Hey, we can hang on the boards LOL :LOL:
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Running to the grocery store today, and will be picking up the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. Here is what we decided~

Mashed potatos
yeast rolls (the frozen kind)
green bean casserole
pecan pie

and yes, I will be online!

isn't it so nice to know that you're just going to lay around and do whatever you want? I can't wait. lots and lots of relaxing and no stress what so ever.
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Hey AP, just a suggestion. If you don't want a large amount of either turkey or ham, you can buy the already parted turkeys and just get a breast/and leg.........I do that for a regular meal and it works out super. Also, you can get a large "slice" of honey ham that you just heat in the oven. Its perfect for just 2 people, and that way you can have a bit of both!!!!!!!!! Give it a try, you won't be sorry.
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Just got back from the grocery store, and the smallest turkeys they had were 10lbs! So we bought one and we will enjoy many, many leftover turkey sandwiches :

The grocery store I was out didn't sell the breast/leg and the smallest ham was $18!!

so it's turkey for us.

thanks for the idea though, maybe I will check out some of the other grocery stores near me. We do like to have turkey and would like to have it more than once or twice or year.
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Roasted Turkey (using the rotissere this year)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Pineapple Casserole
Smashed Potatoes gravy
Green salad
Whipped Fruit Salad
Homemade Bread
Green Bean Casserole
Stuffing and sausage gravy
Slice of Heaven Pecan Pie
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I am sure you'll enjoy those turkey sandwiches!!! They may have been totally sold out, I know I went grocery shopping yesterday and there were no small hams or slices either.
Hey, some ideas for leftover turkey are:
Turkey quesadillas
Turkey pot pie
Turkey salad ( great w/ cranberry sauce dressing)
Open face turkey sandwiches.

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Running a heck of a deal right now. For $19.95 the price of a small ham, you get included in the price, a 13 pound turkey, package of biscuits, one can of vegetables, 5 pds of potatoes, turkey mix, and 2 liter soda.
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Boy, I need to move to the west coast!! What a deal.
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I bought a turkey breast, that is around 5 lbs or so....... It cost me $12.00 though! I still got to buy the little ham, rolls, green beans, potatoes, rolls, chips, & a desert of some sort!
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hey neighbor...what store is that?

I live 2 blocks from WinCo, and a little further from Fred Meyers, both have great prices, but not THAT great!
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Those turkey & ham dinners are actually pretty good! Last year for Christmas I bought one, but I paid $40.00! It came with the 10 lbs turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and stuffing. Different grocery stores have different things that come with the dinner. The turkey came out so juicy!
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Oh you guys are making me SOOOOOOO hungry!!! :tounge2:

AP and Tigger, if you lived closer, I would invite you all over to my house for Thanksgiving!!!!

And AP, I love Green Bean casserole, isn't it just the best?

The best ham in the world are those big bone in hams, although they are rather pricey, but I just LOVE them!!!!

I hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!

My cats love Thanksgiving and Christmas, cause they get so many leftovers, it makes their poor litttle stomaches bulge!!! :laughing:
I think all the ferals within 20 miles are on my doorstep then!! :LOL:
I love it!!!!
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I've never made green bean casserole before, so we'll see how it goes
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All you need is three cans of green beans, 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, mix that together, and top with a can of fried onions....
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Green Bean Casserole is a MUST on our Thanksgiving table too!

I add some crumbled bacon to mine though...mmmmm!
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Ewwww.. green been casserole = yuck! :LOL:
Debby, that is so nice of you to invite us!!
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LOL Tigger, my hubby says the same thing...he HATES green bean casserole, so of course I make it for every holiday gathering, 'cause otherwise I never get to eat it!!! :LOL: :laughing:
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