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Binny & Claude

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Hello! I'm new to the board and thought I would take the time to introduce my kitties, Binny and Claude (They are the new verison of Bonnie and Clyde, but this time both are boys and feline ).

I'd also like to let you know that I work for a pet food company, so if you have questions about foods for your cats, I'd be more than willing to try and help you find your answers.

Here's Binny. He's a year and four months now... this picture is a little old, but still one of my favorites...

And this is Claude. I just brought him home this past Sunday (4/3). Claude is, I'm guessing, about 10 weeks old. He's got some problems with his nose (I think-at least it definatley looks that way), so if you have and advice, please read my post about it and any comments are welcome and would be greatly appreciated!

Hope to chat it up with all of you in the future! ~Meow!
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Welcome to the site! What gorgeous little boys you have!
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oh my goodness! Your kitties are ADORABLE!!! Welcome to TCS! I look forward to more pictures of your little beauties!!!
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Welcome to the site! Your babies are ADORABLE!
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Welcome! Your kitties are beautiful!
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Meow! Meow! Beautiful kitties. Welcome
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Welcome to TCS! What gorgeous kitties!
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Oh, welcome to you, Binny and Claude......great having you join the "family"
They are darling!
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Awww would you look at them? Thanks for posting, welcome and what great pics you have taken
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Welcome! Great pics and beautiful kitties -- I love your twist on "Bonnie & Clyde"
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awww they are very cute!
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Claude is very handsome, but i can't see Binny
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they're beautiful, welcome!
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Binny and Claude are very cute kitties! I hope everything works out with Claude, so glad you rescued him.
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oh look at them they are gorgeous. welcome from all of us
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They are both adorable, welcome to TCS.
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your boys are beautiful my 3 send belly rubs! Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome! What adorable little babies you have there!
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Thank you all!
Here are some new pictures that I just took today....

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