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Sticky Paws

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Okay everybody,

I have a new problem. I thought I was taming him, but it seems my Sphynx MooShoo has taken a liking to my loveseat. He likes the beaded texture of the material. I've caught him quite a few times and he KNOWS he is doing something wrong because he takes off right after I yell at him. I have tried putting the scratching post where he likes to scratch.

Has anyone tried the "Sticky Paws"? I need to find out because I have a new living room set that is only 4 years old. First new furniture I've had in 25 years. Love the cat too.

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Hi Donna,

I just joined this site today. I have two cats, Sophie, 9-12, calico DMH; and Nico, 5-1/2, black DMH.

I think Sticky Paws is a good product. I use it on my couch. I put the scratching post right next to the couch and it works well. Nico goes to the couch, hits the tape, and then turns to the post. It's very thin, so it doesn't show very much.

Good luck.

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